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Anybody interested in a 72' Italvega w/ record...(4 posts)

Anybody interested in a 72' Italvega w/ record...853
Jul 23, 2002 10:53 AM
This older man in my neighborhood wants to sell it but does not want to put an ad in the paper or the net (doesn't want to bother w/people calling and or having to ship it)
Anyways he will let me see it tonight (I'll take pic's)
I'm not interested in it, it's a 58cm and besides I'm starting another project(single speed Daccordi).

The specs are : 1972 Italvega
campy record
everything original (except seat)
including wheels w/ OG sewups
that still hold air!!
All for a whopping $100.00 dollars
If anybody is interested let me know. I will buy it from him and ship it to whomever wants. of course, you will have to pay for shipping and kick me down a little something something for taking it apart, putting it in a box and sending it.
well .....Spirito
Jul 23, 2002 2:17 PM
if its in OK condition i would suggest you ebaying it for him.

for the little extra effort (pics, listing fee, a few emails, packing and shipping) you can cover a little towards the daccordi build and get the "old man" some more $'s than he was asking. if its in OK condition and is complete campagnolo Nuovo Record from the same vintage it is worth well more than $100.

im interested but only as a profiteer and i have salvaged, scrapped and parted enough bikes that my cycling soul is killing me already. even if you dont want to ebay it post a for sale listing on the Classic Rendezvous email list. you have to have a sale price (no best offers) but if its in good condition, complete and functional then $250 is a fair asking price.

italvega's were a desirable frame back then and were well made. i assume the columbus decal is intact, decals are in place, chrome is presentable, paint is mostly there.

Old men could always use a few extra bucks.

Brother Spirito, are you growing a conscience now, mate?Ahimsa
Jul 23, 2002 7:20 PM
The pirate leaves easy plunder due to an ailment of the soul?


And where's my damned interview you promised?


re: Anybody interested in a 72' Italvega w/ record...mapei boy
Aug 14, 2002 2:07 PM
The mention of Italvega has gotten the old memory juices flowing. In 1973, I traded my Gitane Tour de France for an Italvega Super Special - the one the old man apparently wants to get rid of. I rode it until 1986, when I bought a Somec. The Italvega rode much more stiffly than the Gitane, but it was a heck of a lot faster and better handling. I traded the Italvega to a buddy in exchange for an electronic drum machine. He's still got the bike. The drum machine, meantime, gathers dust in my garage.