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Where can I find Info on Daccordi TT frames...(2 posts)

Where can I find Info on Daccordi TT frames...853
Jul 19, 2002 10:32 AM
I am looking into buying one from my local shop that has one that has been sitting around collecting dust. They said I could have it for about $200.00. It looks similar to a Moser(bent tubing) and uses a 650 front wheel, it is a steel frame with fancy paint job and chrome lugs, seat stays and fork.
Where could I get more info on these?
re: Where can I find Info on Daccordi TT frames...wspokes
Jul 26, 2002 3:54 AM
Wheel's bicycle shop in Erie used to import these into US. I liked them quite a bit and when first starting to ride and race and search for my first "real" road bike in the late 80s, I remember the owner offered to build me up a Daccordi for $500 with campy...Being that we lived in BFE, My father and I chose to go with a component group where I may be able to find more accessable parts...a Schwinn Premis that was Suntour equipped. The bike suited me fine but years down the road my dad and I kicked ourselves in the ass for passing on the Daccordi. What size is the bike? I wouldn't hesitate if it were my size. They were sweet gems! Call wheels. I don't know if they still import them, but they were nice bikes!