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Creaking Brooks (this seems to be my(4 posts)

Creaking Brooks (this seems to be myscottfree
Jul 17, 2002 8:20 AM
month for Brooks questions):

I did a slight half-turn tightening of the tension nut, and now the damn thing creaks like a sailing ship under me. Noisier than Look pedals! It seems to be the leather itself that's creaking. How in the HELL can I stop it?
Shove some Proofide up in there?retro
Jul 17, 2002 9:10 AM
I'm just winging it, but what about using a toothpick or something to poke a little Proofide (or is it Proofhide?)into everyplace the leather touches anything? Or melting it slightly and letting it run in there? You might also put a drop or two of thin oil (WD-40?) on the threaded rod that holds the tension nut.
Yeah, I should have mentioned that I tried shovingscottfree
Jul 17, 2002 9:17 AM
Proofide up around the rails. Didn't seem to help. It's the damndest thing. Sometimes when I'm really cranking it sounds like the bedsprings creaking when someone's getting lucky.
Call the expert...Lone Gunman
Jul 17, 2002 3:06 PM
Call the guy at and ask him what the fix is, he should know.