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Hey ebay vets I need some help here...(6 posts)

Hey ebay vets I need some help here...Djudd
Jul 10, 2002 7:52 AM
recently there were Superbe Pro components on ebay I needed all of them and bid fairly on them. I won none of them. This is true everytime I use ebay...always beaten by a few dollars. Superbe Pro brakesets and shifters are hard to come by and I want (need) them. Got any tips?
bid more money nmtronracer
Jul 10, 2002 8:16 AM
A couple of tips.......Dave Hickey
Jul 10, 2002 8:41 AM
1. Snipe- Sniping is term that means bidding at the last minute. Some people don't like snipers, but it's an open market.
2. Set a max price you're willing to pay(but wait until the last minute).Remember that Ebay bids go up in increments. Example: Suppose the current price is $100. You've decided that your max price is $175. Just because you put a max bid of $175 in doesn't mean that's what your going to pay.
You might get the item for $105( of course someone elses max might be $200.
3. Use the "Buy It Now" feature in the New Today. Items listed under "New Today" don't show up under a search but they are listed under their catagory. Example: If you're looking for a Colnago frame, go into Road Frames and then click on New Today.
4. Look in Transportation Collectables instead of Cycling. The collectables don't get as many people.
5. If an auction ends on Sunday night, expect to pay more.
Ebay has done studies and Sunday nights yield the highest prices for auction. If you really want something and it ends on Sunday night, Expect to pay top dollar.
Thanks, sniping must be the real way to bid I seem to loseDjudd
Jul 10, 2002 9:32 AM
in the last few minutes.
Just remember, if you win a bid ...Humma Hah
Jul 11, 2002 3:29 PM
... you just paid more money for the item than anyone else on the planet was willing to pay!

That's OK when the item is too common to run the price up or not drawing much interest. You can pick up bargains. But for something desirable, e-bay is a seller's market, and you can expect to see some high bids.

I bid on 3 Paramounts before I got mine, paid twice what I was hoping to pay when I first started, and I barely beat out a last-minute sniper, who bid up to $5 short of my preset max bid. I got the bike only because I decided to set a high max bid because I was bound and determined to own that particular bike.
Perhaps there is my problem.. I do not want to pay too much nmDjudd
Jul 11, 2002 4:42 PM