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Humma Hah got a "new, modern" rear wheel on the 4th ...(1 post)

Humma Hah got a "new, modern" rear wheel on the 4th ...Humma Hah
Jul 5, 2002 9:28 AM
Let's see, Humma was born in July 1971, and has had the same old coasterbrake ever since. For a couple of months, it ran a Shimano while I repaired the old wheel, but I retired the Shimano after it tried to kill me for about the fifth time.

I'm still hoping to repair the old hub, which is spinning in its flanges. But I rummaged in my junkbin and found a combo that worked, giving the old cruiser its first "modern" rear wheel.

The starting material was a 26x1.75 MTB rear wheel I picked up surplus NOS a couple of years ago, to let me swap rear wheels on the Diamondback MTB. The wheel was a Shimano HG 6-speed freewheel, aluminum rim, and nuts instead of QR quills. I'd stuck a 7-speed on it for the MTB. For this conversion, I stuck the freewheel puller in and yanked the corncob off, then spun on a Shimano 18T singlespeed freewheel, pulled off a large spacer, and rearranged a couple more to line up the chain.

The resulting product did not even require a re-dish. A little adjustment of the rear V-brakes, and it was running perfectly. The tire is the one off the useless Shimano coasterbrake wheel. Total cost of conversion: $16 for the singlespeed freewheel.

Gear changes will now require only a FR6 freewheel puller, and an assortment of freewheels and a few chains of appropriate lengths. I can drop to 46:22 without changing cranks.