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Exotic Basso/Galli in the classifieds(4 posts)

Exotic Basso/Galli in the classifiedsunchained
Jul 4, 2002 4:55 AM
First Basso I have seen with chrome lugs. Neat groupo as well.
do you think anyone would pay that muchSpirito
Jul 4, 2002 12:19 PM
for a basso with galli?

its a nice bike but it wont sell for anywhere near the price offered. good luck to the seller if it does but i doubt it. it also borders on saudi royal family in taste.

$1100 ? - for a few hundred more ive seen masi 3V's with complete c-record record sell.

an aquaintance recently bought this gios torino with nr/sr for $550

ive yet to see a basso on anyone's top 5 desired frames. the galli froupset is also good but it was always cheaper and less desired than campy - still is as far as i know.

do you think anyone would pay that muchDeRosaOrBust
Jul 5, 2002 5:05 AM
Yeah I have my doubts about Basso quality. I working as a wrench in a bike shop that sold Basso's in the mid 1980's (I was in highschool). It wasn't uncommon to see braze-on's snap off when assembling them. It became quite an inside joke. Anyhow, there were some nice ones, but Basso is not in the same league as Derosa or Colnago et al.
Basso Quality?Walter
Jul 5, 2002 7:27 AM
I've only ridden 2 my current bike and one a clubmate rode while we were in college during mid-80s. Haven't really seen many more than that either when you get to it.

I'd agree that if you can choose between Masi, DeRosa,Colnago and or Cinelli a Basso won't light many fires. However, I'm quite happy with mine. Lugwork is aesthetically plain, esp. when compared to my Colnago Master, but is very crisp and nicely thinned. Chrome is in nice shape on the chain stays and I have no idea why someone blasted it off the seatstays. Most importantly it has the feel and ride you get from Italian steel. So if compared to the aforementioned marques a Basso is a second tier bargain, that's OK by me.

The bike that started this thread is overpriced, I'd agree.