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Need an appraisal price on an old bike...(5 posts)

Need an appraisal price on an old bike...Lone Gunman
Jul 2, 2002 11:16 AM
It is an Astro Daimler Puch, color is smoked chrome, 531 steel, Araya 700 aero type rims, full shimano 600 components with less than 100 miles on it. Other than needing to be regreased at the bb/hs and a light cleanup it is in shop worn to NOS condition. The only major flaw was the hoods are crumbly and the seat post may need a good polishing. I don't shop the classifieds or ebay, anyone recall running across something like this? It is a big frame stc-t-t 63cm tt c-t-c 60cm.
re: Need an appraisal price on an old bike...Dave Hickey
Jul 2, 2002 11:51 AM
I have very limited knowledge of the A-D Puch. According to Classic Rendezvous:
"A shortlived marque made by Austro-Daimler Puch which had success particularly in the USA in the 1970 s and early 80s. In fact there were two lines simultaneously marketed by the same company; A-D and Puch, A-D was a "fancier" line with med priced to high end offerings, while PUCH was aimed at generally lower prices although they overlapped in models considerably"

The small and mid sized frames were very strange in that they all had 56cm top tubes. I looked at one for my single speed project but at 50cm frame with a 56cmTT was too big.
Not that rare; not that expensive to begin with...cory
Jul 3, 2002 8:40 AM
I remember about as much about AD as Dave does...just a decent bike, as I recall, and there's nothing in the components you mention to lift it above that. I don't imagine it would interest a serious collector, and anybody who'd consider it as a daily ride would also have access to about a billion Nishikis, Univegas, Bridgestones etc. from the same period and with the same parts. The large size might make it more desirable to a big rider (I ride a 63 or 64, and they're pretty hard to find used), but it also limits your potential market--you'd need to find the right guy. I have no idea if this is a representative price, but if I were shopping now, I wouldn't expect to pay more than...$200-$300? But that's just a personal limit, not an accurate price.
re: Need an appraisal price on an old bike...Walter
Jul 3, 2002 12:21 PM
AD had some quite nice bikes at the top of their lineup but they usually were Campy equipped. The "Vent Noir" or Black Wind was unique as it had what was essentially a scratch proof finish application. Your description of "smoked chrome" makes me wonder if AD started equipping them with Shimano. Look for a model name as well.

531 frames sell but as has been pointed out very large/small frames don't have as many potential shoppers.
re: Need an appraisal price on an old bike...Lone Gunman
Jul 3, 2002 2:11 PM
The story on the Puch is that there is a person who is running a shop out of their garage, sort of like a neighborhood shop, deals mainly in BMX and skateboard stuff.

She had a larger shop in the 80's and retired it to the small shop, had a son who raced bmx and he grew up and she built up the Puch before he went to college and he was afraid to take the bike to school (theft) so it sat and he might have ridden it 5 times. Son now says sell it, so I suggested I would put out a few feelers as I had no idea of value and some of the ebay savvy folk I know might have a good feel for value. I have been buy buying bits and pieces from her to build my chrome fixie and spruce up my Viscount with a few parts that rust had gotten too bad. Plus some of her prices on common stuff is 40% less than an LBS. Like brake pads and cables and such. Got a 43 tooth CR for $11, Sugino.

Bike is too big for me, very nice frame though, parts are NOS condition. I may suggest parting it out or not get any furthwer involved, just point her in a direction to sell