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More fix/SS questions...(4 posts)

More fix/SS questions...Lone Gunman
Jul 2, 2002 5:06 AM
Project is moving along nicely. Getting to the point where I can no longer get what I need locally. So before I begin ordering parts, a few questions.

What kind of chain will I need, I prefer the Sram with the easy link but what size, the normal 1/2x3/32s? Anyone know of an alternative that is silver and less than $20. Have seen track chains etc, what do I need that is silver and easy link? Anyone? I know probably a sram but which number?

One individual suggested that I get my rear hub and front chainring and sprockets and set up my chain line before having my rim laced. It sounds like sound advice to me, reason given was that once the line is set then the wheel would not need to be redished. Correct?

Still thinking about gearing. After coming from the LBS yesterday I had info for options available locally for gearing. Chainrings that are 42 or 43 or 46. After chart comparing the #'s, it seems that the 43 gives me (with a 16/17 sprocket) a 68/73 gear inches where as the other 2 options give me a 4 GI spread. Any big advantage/diadvantage to doing it this way and getting 5GI spread over a 4GI spread?

Pedals. What is safe for a newbie fixie rider. I can go flat, clipless or toeclip and strap. All available in the parts drawer. Shoes for each also in stock.
ChainDave Hickey
Jul 2, 2002 5:24 AM
I'm using a "Z" BMX chain I purchased at my LBS. It's all silver and cost $12
Check out the Singlespeed forum at MTBR.comGinz
Jul 2, 2002 5:37 AM
They talk all singlespeeds, all of the time (and fixie too). I'm not sure what you are going for by setting up chainline before you lace the hub. If you are using a singlespeed hub, I'd think that the spacing would be symmetrical (ie. you cannot adjust the chainline at the hub).

Perhaps they are saying to space the axel asymmetrically, thus making the center of the hub flanges to the right of the center-line of the frame in order to line the cog up with the chainring...and then you don't receive the benefit of a zero-dished singlespeed wheel.

Also, check out He has TONS of info on singlespeeds and fixed gears.
About ten bucks ...Humma Hah
Jul 2, 2002 12:53 PM
... I've been using chromed chains for several years now, 112-link cruiser chains (98-link BMX chains are too short). I usually end up punching off 4-6 links. These are 1/8" width chains and use master links. Some are SRAM, but there's another make that is being repackaged under several names, including Diamondback. I've had good luck with them both. They usually go for about $10.