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Spirito: the gloves...they have arrived(5 posts)

Spirito: the gloves...they have arrivedAhimsa
Jul 1, 2002 10:08 AM
Ah, lovely!

Nicely put together. Must be NOS as the leather appears nicely aged and the brown vinyl(?) coating on the cloth edges rubs off. I removed it all with a quick once over and hit the palms with a touch of Nik Wax.


They are quite fine and beautiful, and becoming very comfortable after only two rides of stretch/break-in.

Smell like a new leather car interior as well.


I shall wear them on my rides in fair weather, and pamper them as a gift from a valued friend. Perhaps they will be my Vespa riding gloves as well (I have been shopping "Wasps" recently).

Now if I can just tune my image slightly to accomodate the white string backs.....a bit "good guy" for my "bad guy" visage.

Maybe some white Adidas Superstars to help balance it all out.....

Yours in style,

Eddy (the man) wore adidas - too cool for skool...Spirito
Jul 1, 2002 11:14 AM
this season i shall be mostly wearin.....

chuck taylor's got nuthin' on adidas'

gonna get my italian master shoe man to put some stiffer soles on for touring and city stuff with old skool pedals. they are actually martial arts/ fencing shoes but looks are important. i could show chicks a thing or two about accesorizing but they are too preoccupied with he the couch - can ya blame em? :-)

stylin' A. - its all about stylin' . finishing first is for the insecure alpha males - looking good and enjoying yesself is where its at.

hope you dig the gloves.

What kind of old school pedals you pushing with those shoes??128
Jul 1, 2002 11:44 AM
I was trying to find some shoes to match the Shimano 600 set and I couldn't find anything. So I went with some Cole-Hann buckskin 'casual' dress shoes! Talk about style points. But they are expensive and have pretty hard soles, and I'm into function juuuust before form so I don't give a poop!

So now that I've swappwed out the 600 pedals for clipless (love um) and joined Britany's modern crowd ("Those who think young") and see your idea here welll....Just curious what your pedals are...
PS: love the shoes, and in case you missed these sites:128
Jul 1, 2002 11:56 AM
Ran across them earlier and thought of this obsesive compulsive board (I really like the poster art- favorite included- and retro-jerseys):

"Bad sneakers and a pina colada my friend" -steely dan
none yet....Spirito
Jul 1, 2002 12:29 PM
but after the merckx is built and with whatever money ill have left over i might spring for a set of MKS platforms from rivendell.

will be using clipless pedals but if i head outa town or just want to ride to places in town where i can take my bike inside ill opt for these

thought about MTB babies for the purpose but there isnt a shoe out there that i would be seen dead walkin in - call me vain or whatever but id rather get the adidas resoled and not feel stupid with some day-glo godzilla inspired shoes. you know what i mean...