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v day in rio de janeiro.(2 posts)

v day in rio de janeiro.colker
Jul 1, 2002 4:08 AM
brasil doesn't fight wars so wold cups do(they don't make us rich but..).
sunny, blue winter sky, 30ºc.. ten o clock in the morning and people realize their dream came true: brasil won the world cup. yellow and green shirts everywhere. horns, firecrackers. i wait at home till ten 12 and head towards copacabana to check the gay pride parade. five trucks were parked in the middle of atlatica avenue, the most beautifull spot of rio and also a prime center for call girls, transvestites etc... music was already blasting frm the trucks. salsa and house tecno. go go boys and drag queens were dancing on top while hot babes just coming from and towards the beach danced in bikinis, smiling to everyone. the usual drunks and homeless were dancing too, already out of their heads. old people, kids, supporters, women trying to score, gay militants, police.. you wouldn't know it was a gay parade.. the speeches began. i went home. lunched.on the television, images of kids having their hair cut like ronaldo. the day grew even nicer. i picked up my daughter and went back to check copacabana.
well... when i got there the parade was already moving... hardcore tecno bombing down the beach and thousands of people dancing. the mood was happy, fun, sophisticated and ironic. gay but at the same time, every other aspect of sexual and non sexual spectrum of the city were having fun as alcoohol, no violence( there was only one fighht when a woman slapped a man.and he deserved it..).no football supporters stupidity. that was a party to celebrate victory and promote good change. above eveything, clean, healthy FUN. i was going home later and some wealthy kids were bothering people and shouting "brasil". those kids don't do sh**() to help anyone in this country. some of the people in the parade are into unofficial, volunteered education. opening schools to take kids form the streets and teach them a trade. anyway... it was a good day.
Nice report. Images...detail. Good Game Brasil!!128
Jul 1, 2002 6:18 AM
Peace in a cup.
The interior meaning of the footballer's lust;
Dissolving elegance and agony, for 'now'.
Like a dovetail joint at the corner of a tempted void-
Keeping the center, from looseing the hold.
Teasing substance from nothing;
And a nation from a game.
Politicians and prostitutes, coming together
Bikinis and Barbers, going together
Children and joy, hope so forever
Knowing God is the goal. was a good day.


Good Going to Brasil!!