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Worth it to restore this bike guys?(5 posts)

Worth it to restore this bike guys?eankur
Jun 30, 2002 2:01 AM
Found this bike like this and felt sorry for it worth it to restore it? it has shimano components and cro moly tripple butted frame...anyone know anything about it also> wheels and tires are a must, everything else works...thanks for the input guys
Since I am working on my second restoration project my opinion..Lone Gunman
Jun 30, 2002 5:36 AM
I guess the preliminary assessment is does the frame and stem and bar fit you and is the frame straight. Any rust on the BB area or underside of the frame anywhere? If those questions are positive then it may be a restore candidate. Then again it might be sellable as a frame only. Components should be Shimano 600 or better, if not then you might have alot more money in upgrading components than the bike is worth finished. A wheelset of any quality is going to be the major expense (rims$60-hubs rebuild$15?-lacing$45-tape$6) Obviously the more original components you can use on the bike controls expense. If the crank BB and HS are good and just need overhauled that is the best route to go. You can find parts if you scout or if it has the horizontal dropouts do a fixie/SS.
re: Worth it to restore this bike guys?Walter
Jun 30, 2002 5:44 AM
Benotto started off in Italy and moved to Mexico. Their Mexican bikes were always considered good deals as you'd get Columbus tubing and European geometry at much lower price. OTOH they often used heaver guage tubing which would take some of the "feel" away. If yours is triple-butted it may well be a better frameset. What line of Shimano? 600 or 600EX would be a good sign.

To your question: The bike will never be a collector's piece so if you're looking for profit the answer is no.

If you want a nice riding bike for low $ the answer is yes, IF whatever took out that front rim didn't also take out the fork or damage the frame. If your hubs are good rebuild the wheels around them. A shop should be able to rebuild both with decent rims for $100 or less, depending on what their wheel building charge is. Less expensive is to hunt thrift shops, garage sales etc for an older bike with good wheels and switch, all you'll need to do is swap freewheels if you keep your old chain.

Those are the least expensive approaches, you can always spend more money if you want to though.
a benotto in Tricolori - cool.Spirito
Jun 30, 2002 5:52 AM
dont sink a lot of dollars - just get it riding. it will sell to most any bike courier with no sweat.

looks cool. new saddle, wheel rebuild. a clean and fresh cables and tape. your set !! leave the components as it wont make a big diff.

re: Worth it to restore this bike guys?eankur
Jun 30, 2002 6:47 AM
Well Guys, sorry i dont know much about older bikes, but the rear derailuer says "Flght control" if that helps at all....can anyone figure out if this was a Itallian made bike? the cranks say "aero cornardo pr" any more info will be appreciated, because im a poor college student who loves to ride! thanks