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Huge chromie hurdle cleared with ease...(2 posts)

Huge chromie hurdle cleared with ease...Lone Gunman
Jun 29, 2002 3:58 PM
I put out "the word" that I was looking for a stem and handlebar for the chromie. The stem was an 80cm, way too short for me, and the shank diameter was .833 or 21mm, as rare as hens teeth. Several sources told me that the stem was a Schwinn oddity and that sizes even if you found one were small. 2 persons said if I found one let them know, they have the same bike and can't find a longer reach stem. I called a guy who is supposed to be the Guru of old bike parts, if he does not have it it does not exist. He had what would work for me for a stem, 105/110 ctc .833. Unreal. Had never been to this guys shop, but think "Raiders of the Lost Arc", final scene where the Arc is stored at a Gov warehouse, catacombs of bike parts, only on a much smaller scale. Floor to ceiling parts with wheels hanging from the ceiling. He does not sell bikes, he sells parts. I had a long list of things I wanted, most of which surprisingly he did not have, simple stuff like 2 rolls of rim tape. and no 25.4mm bars to fit the stem.

Stop at shop 2, found a set of bars to fit that are wide enough. $8!! Got home spiffed the stuff up and the project is rolling fast and smooth, the hardest part was finding the non existant stem and bars.
You lucked out--I looked for a .833 stem for years...retro
Jul 2, 2002 7:37 AM
My first mountain bike, a chrome Mongoose (from back when they were real bikes), sat in the garage for about 15 years after I moved up. It never really fit well, but it had some sentimental value (got me back into cycling after a long post-college layoff). I finally agreed to get rid of it if I couldn't make it into a usable beater/commuter. Main problem was that the .833 stem was way too short. I checked absolutely every source I could find for a couple of years and never found anything. Congratulations.