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Anyone see the commercial...(3 posts)

Anyone see the commercial...Lone Gunman
Jun 29, 2002 3:43 AM
For Levi's lighweight jeans, ran during the Superbowl, Latino kid steps out onto the street and his legs get all crazy while he is walking? For some reason when I look at the Schwinn chromie frame, that music pops into my head. It is going to be such a ghetto cruiser, parts of the country I'd get shot or "bike jacked"
he heheheh ....that is so cool....Spirito
Jun 29, 2002 9:52 AM
nice analogy....

I live in what's supposed to be a ghetto and the cruiser's the latino guys have with boom boxes are "the bomb". more chrome than detroit and crazy detailing. pretty relaxed angles though and turning corners is similar to trying to do so in an articulatd vehicle such is their overall length. all said though i would love one - i wouldnt like to carry it up a few flights of stairs though.

whereas before they all had puerto rican flags now they carry stars and stripes as well and there is even one guy who has the union jack as well. i went to ask him about it but he didnt speak english and i didn't know how to say union jack or flag in spanish. :-)

hanging out on my stoop, the kids are playing with the fire hydrants which the cops give up on, the music never stops, decibels rise when a mama sita walks past, and records are set all the time for neverending games of domino's. a game of stick balls starts and in a minute 60 are involved - out of nowhere - young and old. a few were surprised at my swing and timing but i knew my years of playing cricket would come in handy one day. just dont wear anything but a yankee's cap.

some cats dont need sleep as ill be out on my bike at dawn and they are still hanging out where they were when i saw them the night before. i guess its so hot that sleeping during the day with the air conditioner on is better as getting fresh air is more bearable at night.

im the only blanquito on the street and now im known as the "bike guy" as i think i must have the only track pump for miles around so all the kids will be buzzing my door to pump their tires. they also get some spoke work done, brakes centered and adjusted and a bit of campy lube on their chains as well. one little guy has campy brake cables and housing that i was to throw out.

all the older bikers have mtb's but a few in the area are really hot racers on road bikes and are one of the hottest little clique's for local races. ive gone on rides with them but my pace is more akin to country music whilst their average speed is high tempo salsa y merenge. one girl that rides is from the dominican republic and ive never seen a smoother woman rider with my own eyes. she'll go far if she keeps at it - boy she can spin.

yesterday was really cool as i stripped and rebuilt a friends bike and at the same time one neighbour was braiding her brothers hair whilst another older guy had found some "street furniture" that he was french polishing to sell for that nights rum. my neighbour had sold the table and was drunk by the time my whole bike was done, somewhere past midnight, and last to finish was the girl braiding although hers was the most masterfull job. but we each admired the other's skill, concentration and work. the music just keeps on ....... both to listen and see.

the only odd thing is the cops that seem to do nothing other than drive around. ive never been in a safer neighbourhood and everyone is just chillin'. the cops are just wasting gas and making themselves look so not with it. a few have cables hooked up to the power poles and that way the ghetto blasters dont run out of batteries and the TV's (multiple) are always on for the baseball (world cup football now). the apartments are small but the street is our communal living room especially when vendors with carts come past to treat you with ice cones, magoes on sticks, fresh OJ, and the best empanandas. that they dont pay tax for their income makes me think - God Bless America.

what other place would you have to order food from the chinese take-out in spanish. they dont speak english :-) cool !!

A day in the Life. Really nice. nm128
Jul 2, 2002 6:56 AM