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Let's see if I can post these pics....(13 posts)

Let's see if I can post these pics....128
Jun 28, 2002 5:31 AM
Brunswick, ME. Newly surfaced roads. Havn't been "stoved up" as they say, from frost and snow plows yet...
Thanks a lot! I'm sitting here in my office drooling....... (nm)Dave Hickey
Jun 28, 2002 5:33 AM
A nice grind with the double....128
Jun 28, 2002 5:33 AM
This slow rise used to kill me but with the new shoes and pedals I've taken a bigger bite out of it....
Down is one thing, know.128
Jun 28, 2002 5:37 AM
At this point I really pity those city riders....What will I do when I move back to town?? (I love this climb. It kills me nicely)
i dream of roads like that.....Spirito
Jun 28, 2002 6:13 AM
must be like velvet ... and no stop lights ??? cant be btrue.

Did you ever watch the movie Kingpin?Lone Gunman
Jun 28, 2002 4:02 PM
Woody Harrelson, Bill Murray? The Amish scenes shot out in the country are where I ride virtually every training ride. Sometimes race the buggies. Caught a few smoking cigarretes in the buggy the other day. Boy were they embarrassed. Oh, yea, no red lights just road apples to dodge.
Similar story; different movie: rolling down this hill Saturday128
Jul 1, 2002 4:02 AM
and this little four wheeler off-road buggy comes creeping down the shoulder and onto the road. So I figure; looks like a challenge and I ramp it up. Reminded me of a cross b/t Deliverence and the American Flyers scene where they race the horse wranglers. Anyway, not much of a race as I quickly passed the combustable around 30mph, and just shot out the rest of the hill ...
Here's the bike. Retro or Classic?128
Jun 28, 2002 5:46 AM
Yard sale bike: $10
LBS guy tune up: $80
Pedals, shoes, pump etc: $35 w/wind trainer trade-in.
Finding new sport: you know the rest...

Hope to get some detail pics soon...
Here's the bike. Retro or Classic?Lone Gunman
Jun 28, 2002 4:08 PM
Kinda inbetween. Got DT shifters and aero brakelevers ala 1990. $10? WOW!! An aesthetic point: you can mount your magnet/pickup up high on your wheel/fork and it will not effect operation and you can get blue zip ties.
Noted. Comments appreciated indeed, yet I understand128
Jul 1, 2002 3:52 AM
putting the magnet where it passes more quickly, i.e. closer to the hub, allows the mechanism to measure more accurately?? Maybe that's wrong or it's a de minimus improvement? And I do appreciate the aesthetic en general.
I'll have to look around for some blue zips for sure....
I'd like 600 brakelevers to match/complete the 600 group...
It's almost certainly 1987
Noted. Comments appreciated indeed, yet I understandLone Gunman
Jul 1, 2002 5:23 AM
I don't think it matters where you place the magnet as far as accuracy is concerned. I have compared endride figures with other riders, it was real close. I'll take clean over a few 1/10ths of a mile. On my Lemond I have the magnet and pickup as close to the brake caliper as possible, I don't have wires running all the way down the fork, it just "looks" cleaner.

I bought a set of NOS 600 brake levers with gum hoods from a guy in Jersey, $20 shipped. If you are really needy for hoods and levers they can be had from at $20 or $30, depending upon model plus shipping. I am going to a parts place today to pick up some stuff. I spied a set of NOS brake levers with gum hoods in the shop, no idea of make or model, I will get a price. I put out the word on the brake levers on CR list and got 2 responses and one was positive so I bought.
Good info. I don't like all that wire around the wheel area128
Jul 1, 2002 7:15 AM
anyway, so I'll probably re-rig it.
I did see those levers over at Rennainssance, only thing is that's $20 I can put toward the upgrade (Lemond Z or B/A)Oh, the price we pay to stay in the past...

I have not been able to find out what 'NOS' means??
Contact me about the 600 levers...Lone Gunman
Jul 1, 2002 8:05 AM
Off forum.

NOS means new old stock, NIB means new in box. Shop worn means they have been fingered and might have a scratch or 2.

I just came back from the parts shop. The levers in question are shimano 600 in shop worn condition and what makes them shop worn is the gum hoods were crumbly. However, she had a pair of Weinmann gum hoods that appeared to be a direct replacement for the shimano, in fact I slipped them on just to be sure they would fit. So contact me off list for more details.