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More project questions...(4 posts)

More project questions...Lone Gunman
Jun 27, 2002 9:39 AM
Just came back from the first round of parts hunting. I have a good source for chainrings. I put the 40T against the crank, it looks really small. I can get a NOS Sugino 46T ring for $11 that may make the bike look meatier and I could put taller sprockets on the rear. Also ran across chrome looking brake cable housings and/or braided steel housings super cheap. I am getting that metal image thing going again and am thinking black tires and tape and the rest all chrome.

First question, I am looking for a stem that is about a 120. I pulled the old stem out, and it is marked .833 which I assume is the diameter I need to fit my steer tube. Am I going to have a tough time finding this stem that will fit a 26mm bar?

Rims, opinions on whether I should go with a Velocity Aerohead or a Mavic MA3, V vs. Boxed?
re: More project questions...Spirito
Jun 27, 2002 10:10 AM

could be. there are nitto bars in the 25.4 diameter but that will eat up cost. i have never heard of an animal as the .833 but i assume its a 22.0mm as opposed toa 22.2 diameter. look around as there is still some old 22.0 diameter stems on ebay.


light - no eyelets - aero(modern) profile (velocity)
medium weight - eyelets - traditional profile (boxed ma3)

torelli is also a good rim.

if you think of going for the ma3's i have a pair of 36h ma3's on ebay with a set of suzue flip flop hubs and dt spokes already cut . all are new and it has yet to be assembled. the shipping is only $10 but i will ship for you for free. but if it gets crazy in price i wouldnt suggest chasing up my fortune as does happen on ebay. but it might go for reasonable cost.

The bike came with truck tires...Lone Gunman
Jun 27, 2002 11:16 AM
Someone was telling me that the bike has a curb weight of 26 lbs.!! I believe it, it came with the original truck tires and rims, the saddle alone weighs 3 lb. I have managed to shave off a good deal of weight, I just put a Sun polished alu rim on the front of the frame and am leaning towards going box rim that is polished and not fooling with alot of color on this bike, black and chrome, mostly chrome. I saw the chrome brake housings this AM and that sparked the idea of going monochrome silver. I just rebuilt a "Schwinn Approved" high flange front hub that screams for use on this project.

So your offerings, is that a front and rear hub or just a rear and 2 sets of spokes and 2 rims? and a price please? Which flip flop hub, basic track?

Jun 27, 2002 12:28 PM
its on ebay so i dont know the price...

2 rims, suzue high flange flip flop hubset and 78 spokes and nipples (2 spare for the front and back)

it ends this sunday and is around $90 now - at a guess im sure it cost me $125 or close there. if you win the auction ill ship for free.

all is new and ill space the axle for the width you need. i also have fixed cogs and a single freewheel ending the same day. i have repacked the hubs with fresh phil wood grease (as they come is worse than shimano - hardly any grease)

dont chase my auction up as that becomes spam but if it suits you and is a good price go for it.

sorry but the auction runs to the end as i dont cancel once someone has bid.

in saying all this i would be surprised if you wont need a set of 27" wheels which means if you use 700c you will need long reach brakes or drop bolts for it to work well.