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Value of a Releigh Professional?(7 posts)

Value of a Releigh Professional?Kristin
Jun 24, 2002 1:24 PM
I found one the other day for $300. Built up with Shimano 600 in pretty good condition. Any idea on the approximate value.
re: Value of a Releigh Professional?Lone Gunman
Jun 24, 2002 4:59 PM
Well you haven't given an age or much info. Back in the day Raleigh Pro was top of the line for Raleigh. I saw a mink blue (light) 1972 on ebay, still in the box, tubes still wrapped in the brown paper, Campy everything, $1800. Supposedly found in the basement of a shop, overlooked for years, someone found it and put it up for sale. Never built, bars never wrapped, still had the MFG sale tags hanging on it.

Shimano 600, was that DT shifters and brake arches and levers, you know full group, cranks etc? Lugged steel? Saddle? All that stuff goes into estimating the value. As an example, I just finished putting my Viscount back together that has mostly 600 parts. I wanted to put as many 600 parts within reason as I could to try and make the group. Scouting around on the net it seems the average price for a 600 part ran from $20-$30.

The frame is probably Reynolds 531 unless newer then it could be a number of materials or brands of steel.

$300 might be a stretch, Wheelset, clinchers or sewups? Saddle, Brooks? It could be that the owner switched out alot of parts that were original on the bike and devaluing it to a collector but making it a good rider.
re: Value of a Releigh Professional?Walter
Jun 24, 2002 5:45 PM
I seem to remember that during the mid-80s Raleigh USA used the "Pro" label on a Shimano 600 bike. 531 frame as I sorta recall. Very solid bike. To be honest $300 is a bit pricey but if you like it, ride it and don't sweat over whether the price was perfect.
re: Value of a Releigh Professional?scottfree
Jun 25, 2002 4:12 AM
I would be happier paying a lot less, but Raleigh Pros were (are) outstanding bikes. Maybe the 'market value' of the bike is less than $300, but if you're a rider instead of a collector you have to ask yourself what the 'real' value is. Ask it this way: Given what I know about bike prices, including new bikes, will I get $300 worth of ride out of the Raleigh? I'd have to say probably yes, if it's in good shape and doesn't need a lot of new stuff. I'd probably make a lowball offer, though.
More infoKristin
Jun 25, 2002 6:08 AM
Sorry, for the sketchy details. I am actually looking into this for someone I met who is selling this bike. I told him I'd look into the value for him to make sure he wasn't under selling. What I know: He's the original owner. Reynolds 531 lugged frame. Built in England. Frame has a few minor marks on it--I didn't inspect if closely. He built it up himself with a full 600 group. Not sure about the wheels or saddle. Clinchers. Really old Avocet computer. Drive train was a little dirty. Owner hasn't ridden it in years--lost interest in cycling.
average value and collector value varies widely (wildly)...Spirito
Jun 25, 2002 6:21 AM
period correct parts all intact as was originally equiped and with all original decals and paint can fetch a pretty price....

then there is usually a huge drop if its with parts not as per factory and decals or paint are missing/not original and correct.

estimates between $100 and $800 with my belief that the lower figure is closer to what it will fetch - ebay might be a little higher as the pundits aren'y as discerning as the collectors.

there are a lot of raleigh pro's - very few are the real mcCoy as it was easy to buy the decals and repaint so it looked it.

real Raliegh pro's are a beautiful thing - almost all i have seen are either mutton dressed as lamb or butchered with incorrect parts.

Ah, I thought you were interested in buying. If you'rescottfree
Jun 25, 2002 7:18 AM
wondering if a $300 asking price is fair, I'd say yeah. As with all things retro, you're looking for the right buyer. The right buyer might jump at it for $300. (An average person, knowing nothing about bikes and looking for one to 'get in shape' would probably think twice about paying $75 for an 'old bike' that doesn't even have all the 'speeds' that a new bike does.)

So no, he's not underselling. And in fact my guess is, he needs to be prepared to take somewhat less than he's asking.