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Please help me price this Windsor Professional(4 posts)

Please help me price this Windsor Professionalscopestuff2
Jun 19, 2002 2:04 PM
Thank you in advance !

I have a windsor that I will soon be advertising for sale. This is an early 80's bike. Pretty much Campy equipped, Reynolds frame, two sets of wheels (clinchers and tubulars - both campy). Below are the details. I could really use help on pricing before I advertise. Have not ridden this bike in at least 15 years and I've been out of the ridding for about as long.

Rear Derailure: Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Front Derailure : Campagnolo
Crank: Campagnolo 170
Chain Rings: Campagnolo
Frame: Reynolds 531
Seat Post: Campagnolo
Saddle: Brooks leather saddle
Head Set: Campagnolo
Brakes: Dura-Ace
Brake Levers: Dura-Ace
Handlebar/stem: Cinelli (?)

Clincher Wheel Set
- Front
Campagnolo Record Hub
SuperChampion Rims
Handbuild Swiss Spokes
Michelin Axial SuperComps (new)
Campagnolo Skewer
Campagnolo Record Hub
Super Champion Rims
Handbuilt Swiss Spokes
Michelin Axial Super Comps (new)
Regina Freewheel
Campagnolo Skewer

Tubular Wheel Set (no tires)
- Front
Campagnolo Record Hub
Flamme Ergal Rim
Caompagnolo Skewer
Campagnolo Record Hub
Flamme Ergal Rim
Campagnolo Skewer
Regina Freewheel (?)
re: Please help me price this Windsor ProfessionalWalter
Jun 19, 2002 3:34 PM
I pulled this off the Sheldon Brown site:

These were really fun bikes from Mexico. They made generous use of Campy parts, and the top-end frames were Cinelli knock-offs. When you see a Cinelli frame with holes-in-the-lugs, using a 27.2 seatpost, say "Windsor painted-like-Cinelli". There are more that just a few Windsors floating around out there with Cinelli decals. A Windsor is nice, but it isn't a Cinelli. Windsor frames tended to use fairly heavy tubing that made for a stiff but dead ride. Figure that an N.R. equipped Windsor in guideline condition should have a value of around $ 700. The Winsdor track bikes are very nice - in guideline condition they should be worth around $550.

Of course by "N.R." he means Campy Nuovo Record.

IMO his prices are a bit inflated. You have a nice bike with really nice components but I don't think you'll get the 7 bills. However, that at least gives you an idea.

I imagine most of you guys know about the Vintage Bike Priceguide but if you don't.
re: Please help me price this Windsor Professionalblownpupil
Jun 19, 2002 6:15 PM
I always liked that particular bike a lot. What size is it?
re: Please help me price this Windsor Professionalscopestuff2
Jun 20, 2002 9:33 AM
Thank you for the info Walter.

Blownpupil ... it's a 55 or 56 if memory serves me.