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de rosa brazing with his son(3 posts)

de rosa brazing with his soncolker
Jun 19, 2002 5:03 AM

thansk spirito.
this is all that's good in this world. a true epiphany for me.
i hope it gets viewed here. no one saw it on general. makes me wonder why...i may not be popular but... derosa?
not everyone see's beautySpirito
Jun 19, 2002 5:56 AM
the winner of tonite's brasil vs. england game will go on to win the world cup. it will easily be the best game of the whole tournament and ill be happy with whoever wins. i honestly cant pick a favorite from the 2

i cant wait.....

ugo deRosa was a very cool man. of all the classic builders i think he was all about refinement rather than revolution. his frames changed little but always had balance and elegance ...also cool is richard sachs (for providing the catalogues), duanne kennard (for taking the time to scan them all) and mark bulgier (for providing the webspace). due to them we can all check out exactly how the bikes looked when new.

in answer to your question regarding the merckx geometry on the general forum...he was standing in front of all his race models so i would say that they were more race oriented and probably not his century models which i believe he made later.

not only beauty but meaningcolker
Jun 19, 2002 6:09 AM
that single photo expresses the lineage and family ties intrinsic of the italian bycicle culture. it stroke biblical resonances to me.. in this particular age we are living, when everything is cynical, value is absent and success is measured in power and destruction, seeing this beautifull boy learning how to build a bycicle from his genius, devoted to his art, father says tells me where the good is...thanks.
brasil x england- the new millenium classic. pop x samba.