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Silca frame pump from CC(3 posts)

Silca frame pump from CCLone Gunman
Jun 18, 2002 12:59 PM
Guys looking at the Viscount last weekend mentioned that the Blackburn Airstik I mounted does not look "period correct". I see that Colorado Cyclist has Silca frame pumps for 13 bones in chrome. Hmmm. How well do they work, and how do I mount one on the Viscount? It does not have a pump peg and the thought of using a velcro clamp does nothing for me. Since I may have the frame painted I may have some sort of mount added for a pump. What size pump do I need and does anyone have ideas as to where to mount the pump, top or seat tube and how?
what color is your frame and what is your top tube length?Spirito
Jun 18, 2002 1:10 PM
i only ask as i bought a NOS one buts its slightly too long for the frame in question.

fits under a 56 top tube with a brazed-on peg perfectly and could go a little bigger.

mostly red with a crome end.

if you still have me email let me know and ill send pics...and we can work out what suits...

re: Silca frame pump from CCRomani
Jun 19, 2002 2:58 PM
The Silca doesn't work as well as the Zefal HPX. As far as mounting is concerned, the Silca is designed to fit parallel to the seat tube. The valve end at the bottom and the handle end at the top. The top end should have be somewhat cupped so that it fits snugly against the top tube. It stays in position because of the angle between the top tube and the seat tube. You have to be careful about the pump size because there's no a lot of give in the pump. It's easy for it to be too short and if it's too long it just won't fit. I had one painted to match my bike but it's too long, so I use the HPX, instead.