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For you retros...(2 posts)

For you retros...Wannabe
Jun 17, 2002 9:22 AM
I'm no retro grouch, but I sure do appreciate a fine old steel bike. Give me a few more years and my first ride might then be qualified to be retro. At this point though, not quite as it's only "circa" '91.

Anyway, to my point. There is a neat bike shop here in downtown Madison, WI that has some great retro bikes. The owner is a big fan of classic bikes and some of them in the shop are real beauties. Among some of the classic stuff he has for sale are a whole slew of NEW (as in never built up) 3 Rensho frames. He recently put one together and it sits in the front window now and I always admire it as I walk by.

I have no link to the shop other than being a customer.

How about a track bike?

Not a bad selection, and only part of it:

Here is his home page. go to the specials section to see some of his classic/retro listings.

Oh yeah, his components...Wannabe
Jun 17, 2002 10:11 AM
...are classified as "classic," "collectable," or "vintage."

And he has a bit of Suntour stuff too including Superbe Pro.