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hey...... boneman......(7 posts)

hey...... boneman......Spirito
Jun 13, 2002 10:43 PM
sounds kinda funny in asking......but....

are you mrboneman on ebay (as in ID)?

no biggie but if so it may be a cool co-incidence/small world thing of sorts......
Jun 14, 2002 12:06 AM
No, I use a different handle from my American football betting days. Still scan ebay everyday but my in-laws and sister in the States have put a halt to larger purchases as they've all run out of storage space in my absence from the US. Unfortunately it doesn't make sense to ship stuff to the UK where I've gone from a house to a flat.
Jun 14, 2002 12:31 AM
just thought id ask as i had recently traded with an ebayer by the name of mrboneman and thought it may have been you and the world really was smaller for minute or so.

not knowing where in the UK you are from i hope, if your team is in the world cup, that they do well. if not im sure you are enjoying the games anyway.

ahhh .....if Ryan Giggs was an englishman...... :-)

Jun 14, 2002 2:08 AM
I'm a US citizen but after living in England (London) for the past four years, I find that I'm waving St. George's Cross like everyone else. Denmark tomorrow's going to be tough and if they go through, Brazil who look like they're back playing the beautiful game after a few years of ugly football. Emildo's strike yesterday was sensational and Renaldo is clearly back to his AC Milan form prior to the last World Cup. I was back in the States after a two year hiatus last weekend for a wedding and the lack of interest after US' shocker over Portugal was disappointing. World Cup discussions were had mostly with various kitchen staff and valet parking attendants.

There was an interesting story about Giggs in the London Times a couple of weeks ago as he played for England in the under 21's but made the decision to play for Wales. Got to like him sticking to his beliefs. Hey, Keano stuck to his beliefs and he's back in Cork. Go figure.

BTW, where in the States are you as based on the time and spirit (there you go) of some of your posts, I thought you were over on the Continent.
up late watching football....Spirito
Jun 14, 2002 3:08 AM
luckily i work from home (if you could call it working) and i dont like watching replays of all the games so i sit up to watch them all live. i suppose ill have a few days to recover before the TdF starts, then there is wimbledon, the odd rugby game and my religion every 2nd sunday - formula uno (i left a grilfriend who laughed at why i was so upset the day Senna died - she obviosuly didn't know me).

depending on how much there is to drink my mates are usually napping on the couch while i sit up to keep an eye on the clock for the later games. every night has a matching theme of drinks and food to match the teams and culture ...well we usually get the drinks right - what sort of food will be right for england vs. denmark? mushy peas and rolled herring? no thanks

i do like your line about discussing football with kitchen staff and such LOFL :-)
i had my super (from equador) and all the mexican lads who are working on the building i live in around to watch the mexico vs equador. classic night and as the landlord relies on them if any neighbours complaigned about our boisterous noise and celebrations and cries of anguish it wont matter one penny.

thats what i love about the world cup - cultures get to blend over a common language and passion. there is nobility and respect in victory and defeat. this year has been amazing and if i had to pick a highlight so far i would say the Korean lampoon celebrations after scoring a goal against the USA has to be one of the coolest and funniest things i have seen for quite some time.

for some reason all my french mates are having troubles with their ISP's as they havent returned any emails recently....

even met a girl in my LBS who was getting her bike fixed and was listening to the footie conversation i was having with my mechanic (uruguay) and mentioned that she plays at a decent level. of course an invite was offered and all i can say is that it was a smart move as now there is a few hours to kill between games and it beats searching on ebay...nudge nudge (oh... she is american born but of korean parents)

soon to invite all the brasilian friends as well as i spent almost 2 years making over 200 caipirinha's a night - all is not forgotten and i think my right arm is still bigger from crushing endless limes, mint and sugar. lets hope the girls come around as they are as keen on football as most men (read between the lines - im hoping for lots of Brasil wins - that way we all win)

bit worried about post world cup depression should be an endless world cup :-)
boneman = zelig?tarwheel
Jun 14, 2002 4:28 AM
Right? I was afraid old zelig had dropped off the board, but I suspect you are one and the same. Glad you're still hanging around.
bianchi boyboneman
Jun 14, 2002 5:18 AM
Yes, it's true. Sign on problems, RIP zelig and now with Boneman.