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Anything interesting or rare about a helicomatic hubset?(3 posts)

Anything interesting or rare about a helicomatic hubset?amflyer
Jun 9, 2002 12:57 PM
I bought an old Trek 560 that had these built into the wheelset. Other than not having a tool to remove the cassette (or freewheel?) they seem to be OK functionally.

Can one find tools to remove the lockring one this still, or is there an alternative method/tool?


re: Anything interesting or rare about a helicomatic hubset?curlybike
Jun 9, 2002 6:33 PM
Spare parts is what is rare. Use it until it fails and build a new wheel.
Neat little design; had some problems.cory
Jun 10, 2002 7:52 AM
My singlespeed started life with Helicomatic hubs and 27-inch rims. They're hanging on the garage wall since I converted.
You can take off that lockring with something like Channelocks or big Vise Grips, but I don't know where you'd find the real tool anymore. I have one around somewhere; haven't seen it in years. It was just a little flat wrench with a hole in it that fit the ring on one end and something else (I forget what) on the other, and some slots you could use for spoke wrenches. As you noted, you could spin off the freewheel by hand and replace drive-side spokes on the road. I did it a couple of times.
I can't remember the details, but one of my bike books mentions a design problem with either the freewheel or the hub--weak pawls in the fwheel or bearing placement in the hub or something. I stripped out a freewheel one time in Yosemite--just stood up to jam and suddenly it freewheeled in both directions. You used to be able to get parts from Loose Screws, but they're out and I don't know where you'll find them now.