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Ebay auction.. $560(so far) for a Stronglight 63 crankset(3 posts)

Ebay auction.. $560(so far) for a Stronglight 63 cranksetDave Hickey
Jun 6, 2002 10:15 AM
It's amazing what people will pay.
to put it into perspective......Spirito
Jun 6, 2002 10:47 AM
the guys bidding are very serious collectors and that crank is hard to find nowadays and they dont have the time to fly around the world to swap meets and scour old bike shops.

in a years time were they to sell it they would eaasily make a profit - in 2 years time they will have doubled their money.

having sold a few things that have headed to japan i was curious about what sorts of rides they had and i asked for pics - talk about an amazing collection of bikes absolutely perfect in the exact period orientated details for everything. any one of 5 guys that responded could easily take at least a few top bike prizes in a few categories. the bikes they have are something else and better than some personal collection i have seen here in the US.

ill vouch that they are very serious about their classic rides and generally know more than us about the period bikes they have. good luck to 'em.

if you check the auction all 3 bidders are from japan. the last few seconds could be quite a showdown.
Here is a pic (nm)Dave Hickey
Jun 6, 2002 10:50 AM