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Ahisma.. gloves, black string, brown leather(5 posts)

Ahisma.. gloves, black string, brown leathertronracer
Jun 5, 2002 7:29 AM
I found those black stitch, brown leather gloves for you in a bike shop in NJ. I forget the brand, but I can let you if you're still interseted. They are new, all sizes
Well, thank you very much...Ahimsa
Jun 5, 2002 3:44 PM
I'd indeed like to know what brand. Do they look nice like Spirito's (Who had better get more or at least save me a pair of the white ones in large lest I never forgive him)?

I have seen them around, but they are always thin cheap leather like the department store weight lifting gloves.

Lemmee know bro.


Okay then heeeeeeere ya goooooooooooootronracer
Jun 6, 2002 12:07 PM
I don't know much about these kind of gloves, they might be cheesy, but anyway The brand name is TRICO, here is the bike shop number: Peddler's bike shop/Berlin, NJ/856-767-8300.

No diceAhimsa
Jun 6, 2002 4:15 PM
I looked up the Trico website and they list the crochet gloves as having synthetic leather palms. Ew.

No pleather for me thanks.

Appreciate the word up though.


Just like you guys...I like to help...... if I can NMtronracer
Jun 10, 2002 9:24 AM