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is it just me..... (rivendell rant)(9 posts)

is it just me..... (rivendell rant)Spirito
Jun 4, 2002 11:40 PM
or does anyone else click on the rivendell site looking to order something find that all your desired items are always out of stock?

really boring. im starting to think about extending my membership as it also seems like eons since the last reader as well.

i cant help but feel this way as they are always going on with their soft sell about what a nice little company they are and how ethical their set up is and how pure their products are....but what do i have to do to spend money there.....

baggins boxy - nope
baggins hobo then? - nope
how about carradice boxy? - nope
nitto boxy rack??? - nope

ok forget it .... lets try
carradice nelson logflap - nope
nitto longflap mini rack support - nope

look - lets just get the essentials for now -
Nitto noodle - any size - nope

fine - ill use a cinelli - can i have a
nitto technomic deluxe - 10cm please - nope
11cm? - nope
sheesh - 9cm - nope

lets just skip the bar/stem for now
i need some the of the MKS pedals - nope

but we can sell you some toe-clips before we run out - GREAT (&*%#$&()

how about the MKS track pedals - NOPE!

forget it im not gonna place an order for soap, 2 old issues of readers, a fridge magnet and a set of toe clips when i called to order primo stuff that i really am looking to you for. its funny that i can buy most of the above (for a few bucks less) with others and they aren't trying to be anything other than catalogue/web retailers without a membership that serves to do nothing but give false hope.

and im still to see any of their special consignment of house brand shifters that they went on and on about. as a matter of fact i question why they bother to write all the so sincere soft cell in their readers and catalogues and then when its time to order they dont have any.

all the items are now listed as will be arriving early june. as they did before in may promising that they would be in stock back then . same as april...

sorry grant and co. but its just plain >boring< and i dont see why they can cry infamy when they slide out of business. helllooooooo !!! are you a feelgood magazine or a business.

same problem at other places ...tarwheel
Jun 5, 2002 6:03 AM
FWIW, I've had the same problem at other catalogue/internet companies. Several times I've been all set to order a bunch of parts only to find out that they're out of stock on several of them. So I didn't bother ordering. By the time you pay shipping costs at several places, you don't save any money. So I usually end up buying from the place that has everything I need. My LBS is even worse, I ordered a handlebar from them a couple weeks ago. I went by to pick it up Monday and they had forgotten to send in the order. I could have bought the handlebar for less on line and received it in 2 days, and instead I'm having to wait 3 weeks and pay $10 more -- and they wonder why they're losing business to catalog companies.
Killer service on the soap, though....cory
Jun 5, 2002 7:50 AM
Hate to admit it, because I love the idea and everything I've bought from them, including an Atlantis frame, has been absolutely perfect, but...yeah. I have a lot of sympathy for a small guy trying to make it, especially when they have such cool stuff and the alternative is Colorado Cyclist, and the service is just great--everything I've ordered has come within 24 hours. But MAN, it's getting tedious.
well to put it in perspective...Spirito
Jun 5, 2002 9:09 AM
it was back in april when i went to order the stuff i mentioned. it is now early june and as mentioned in their catalogue it should be avialable and its still no go.

im starting to think that the items they list in their catalogue are their to drum up interest before they order to fill the backorder items. they probably have enough to take pictures with and build up a few of their bikes with and the rest are filled when they have enough people waiting for them to make their minimum order.

im not one to put down money and then wait for things to come thru after then being ordered. i was a firm beleiver an now im a sceptic as if thats how they choose to provide goods then they should be upfront about it rather than setting up a goose chase. im not interested in giving out a no interest loan which is what it effectively would be had i gone ahead and forked over the $'s to then wait till they went ahead and ordered.

im one for the little guy as well but at some point if i think the little guy is milking his status with feeble excuses then my loyalty don't linger long.

its great they do a killer deal on the soap but as someone with a little experience in these things i do think their business acumen is akin to a soap on a rope way of doing things. in fact i dont see how they are doing anything but chasing their tails business wise - ya gotta spend money and have conviction if yer gonna make money.

when compared to a wide spectrum from excel sports and renaissance bikes rivendell look really crappy in terms of what they come thru with in actual customer service and as a business in general. sure what they offer is generally not available in either of the 2 mentioned buy the guys at renaissance have mentioned and sold me better or cheaper if something i was after on their catalogue wasnt available - that to me is good business.

I've noticed too, andscottfree
Jun 5, 2002 9:06 AM
I have to admit, I'm souring on them a bit. Those pitiful little emails about how things are tough, they need to raise money, if you need to buy something, buy now because we really need cash flow -- so you say all RIGHT and go to the website to buy another freewheel for your 20-year hoarded stash and a new stem for the restoration and: Nada.

Grant still writes cute copy for those non-existent parts, though.
Rivendell answersGrant Petersen
Jun 5, 2002 5:58 PM
Dear Spirito and Others,
Most of what we offer is not available from other sources, and you've stumbled on the reason why: It is hard to get. The large importers will have none of it, for the very reasons you've discovered.
Nitto, for one, does not stock stems, bars, or anything else. It's not longer feasible for them to do that, so they make to order. We try to make accurate projections for what we'll sell, but it is difficult, and I apologize for that. On the good side, our line of credit with our trading company is now larger (as of today) than it was, and that combined with a repeat concerted effort may help things. In any case, a huge Nitto shipment arrives at 2p.m. on June 6, so we'll expect an order.
It is difficult to respond to critical online rants. I can explain each of the out-of-stocks—Carradice was a month late in delivery, Duluth the same, and so we're revamping our bag line....the list goes on. We try to improve, and we are improving, but we can never keep up with somebody's impatience, or frustration. Online forums make it easy to judge quickly and publicly. I would like a telephone call, or the chance to either explain or offer hope. Ultimately, I'm afraid that our customers will be those who will understand the difficulty of importing specialty, low-volume, and often custom-made bicyclery, and will cut us some slack. As we get better, we'll require less slack. That's the goal, and I sincerely apologize to anybody who has been frustrated by our not having their part in stock.
As for the Reader (the "feel good magazine"?), number 26 went out last week and is landing in mailboxes now. We promise and deliver four per year. No doubt there are more timely publications out there, and maybe the flavor of the RR isn't everybody's cup of tea, but again, we're doing our best, and even though it will never be good enough, I assure you I am my own harshest critic.

I hope none of this has come off as defensive. I admit that we are out of stock of many things. Such is the nature....but we're trying hard to fix it, rest assured.
Over and out---gotta go work on RR27 now.--Grant
Thanks, GrantTrent in WA
Jun 5, 2002 9:38 PM
Yet more proof that Riv is one of, if not the, classiest and most responsive players (no matter how small) in the bike business.

I'd bet anyone $10 GP's answer comes up as a...Djudd
Jun 6, 2002 7:59 AM
topic on the BOBlist.
Hate to disapoint, but hasn't happened yet (nm)Ray Sachs
Jun 12, 2002 10:34 AM