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anyone know anytihng about this bike?(2 posts)

anyone know anytihng about this bike?skibert
Jun 1, 2002 2:59 PM
Like what year it is, and how much it might be worth. I found it in my friends attic and he just gave it to me, so I fixed it up. I still have all original parts except saddle, and the only major problem is a big dent in the fork, frame is in perfect shape.
re: anyone know anytihng about this bike?Walter
Jun 1, 2002 5:33 PM
Well according to the chainstay it's a 6spd freewheel OEM so that means usually post 1970s. I'll guess the aero levers are original and those D/T shifters don't look indexed so I'll peg my guess at about 1984-86. It's not a PX10 which is the true collectible Peugeot (one from the early '60s went for a ridiculous $7100 on eBay). I don't honestly feel it'll draw alot of attention from collectors which kinda makes it just an old bike. Can't beat the price though.

There are several Peugeot sites on the net that can give you more specific info and ther are a few Peugeot specialists over at