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Somec question...(4 posts)

Somec question...woodes
May 30, 2002 12:06 PM
Can anyone comment on the quality of Somec bikes? I just picked one up with Genius tubing (not that retro) but they seem to be a pretty rare breed of bike in North America...

re: Somec question...SteveS
May 31, 2002 12:31 PM
I don't have one but I have seen them and they look quite nice.SOMEC has been around for awhile with a pretty good reputation so they must be doing something. They have some great paint jobs on some of their new frames. Good luck.
nice 1980'sAndante
Jun 4, 2002 2:09 PM
I have a 1980's that I recently made into a fixed gear. The frame can take punishment, that is for sure. The detail is amazing, easily equaling any other Italian bike of that era. Very durable, and an open bottom braket to allow moisture to drain out. Four color pain job has held up well, althought the decals have not (which is okay since they are ugly).
re: Somec question...mapei boy
Aug 14, 2002 2:33 PM
Yeah, it's a bit late to reply, but I've just started to delve into this discussion board. I bought a Somec Columbus SL tubed bike in 1986...which I retired in the year 2000. At that time, you could find the frames in practically every upscale Los Angeles bike store. Apart from one notable glop of brazing, the workmanship was quite excellent. Loads of fancy cut-outs in the lugs, even on those sections that nobody would ever look at. Beautiful ovals. Beautiful tulips. It had a tasteful amount of chrome, and a fade paint job that would do Colnago proud. It weighed 21 pounds, equipped with Campy Nuovo Record and sew-up tires. The bike had a nice springy ride. It did not handle especially quickly, but it handled quickly enough. It was at its best as a stand-up-and-sprint dragster, despite a small amount of bottom bracket flex. It tracked straight and true. I enjoyed the thing immensely. It's still in one piece, too. It now belongs to my brother-in-law.