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Repacking bearings.....(3 posts)

Repacking bearings.....tronracer
May 28, 2002 9:21 AM
So last night I dove in and disassembled my hubs, cleaned the bearings and everything else and stuffed as much phil wood ball and bearing grease as would fit back into the old super record hubs. The wheel spins fine and fast still in hand, but after I mounted the wheel back on the bike, it felt quite slow. This is a very simple thing, I put everything back exactly as it was and only hand tightened the first nut. What's up? There's also a pin sized hole in the hub, what do I put in there?
re: Repacking bearings.....Nessism
May 28, 2002 10:01 AM
Make sure the inner cone nut did not tighten then you snugged down the outer locknut. I try to snug down the inner cone and then back it off about 1/8 turn or so. Next hold this setting with a cone wrench while snugging down the locknut. When all is said and done, the axle should have a small amount of radial clearance which will signify that the bearings are not binding. Note: only very small amount of clearance.

Lastly, the new grease will feel stiff for a few miles so no worry as long as your cone adjustments are correct.

re: Repacking bearings.....salmonwheel
May 28, 2002 10:16 AM
When adjusting hubs you ususally need to check them on the bike. The quick release will cause the wheel to bind if it is adjusted perfectly off the bike. I usually adjust a little loose off the bike and check on the bike, the first time I had to reaadjust a few timnes, but you get the feel for the right amount of play to leave before mounting.

good luck