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Seen on ebay: what the!!!!(2 posts)

Seen on ebay: what the!!!!Djudd
May 26, 2002 2:35 PM
This I witnessed myself on ebay...for sale: a "vintage Cannondale". What the heck is a vintage Cannondale? The ebayer answered in his ad... "pre-CAAD". I try not to be the judge of what people ride just because I prefer older steel, but I am not wrong to say that "vintage" is not a modifier for "Cannondale". That is called an oxymoron.
re: Seen on ebay: what the!!!!Walter
May 26, 2002 3:08 PM
I do have a 1985-6 SR600 in my garage. I rode it with a college club for a couple of years and have held onto it. It has more miles probably than the rest of my stable combined. It is the first generation of their fat-tube frames. This of course started a long running debate (whine) from the Klein camp.

If I were to sell it I'd probably not use "vintage" but rather "1st generation" or "original" or something to that effect.

Before you guys throw me out I have to say that in '85 I was a poor (monetarily) student and that Cannondale sold their first frames for $250 and that my Motobecane was 10 years old and despite quite a bit of part-swapping still probably weighed 27#. The "Seasprite Green" IS a cool color though seldom seen then and never now.

FYI before selling "fat" aluminum frames Cannondale did sell roadbikes as part of their camping lineup. Tourers as I recall and I'm pretty sure they were Asian made and relabelled. One of those might be "vintage" though probably not real valuable.