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Campagnolo Retro vs Modern Component Weights(2 posts)

Campagnolo Retro vs Modern Component Weightsunchained
May 25, 2002 3:29 PM
Here are some weights from: and/or various suppliers of new Record components.

Bottom Brackets
C-Record 227
Record Carbon Cartridge 190

Brake Calipers
C-Record Cobalto 330
Record Differential 306

Brake Levers
C-Record 267
Record Carbon (non-Ergo) 210

C-Record 704 (175)(w/bolts)
Record 2001 707 (172.5) (w/bolts)

Front Derailleur
C-Record 101
Record 89

Rear Derailleur
C-Record 255
Record Ti 9 227
Record Carbon 187

Front Hub(w/o skewer)
C-Record 150
Record 118

Rear Cassette Hub(w/o skewer)
C-Record 383
Record 248

C-Record 233
Record Carbon 180
true.....there isnt that big a stepSpirito
May 25, 2002 4:51 PM
and in defense of the c-record hubs i have had a set that were the best, fault free and finest finshed hubs and that includes record 9/10 for comarison. a little of that weight has gone a long way.

the modern/current bottom weight is always quoted for the narrower/smaller 102mm item but if fitting a c-record crank to this current style carbon sleeve bb you would need the wider 111mm (symmetrical pista version) and its weight is surely a little heavier and would fall somewhere between the 190 and 227 (new vs old) weights due to the extra lenght needed. no catalogues paint this clearly and always quote the lower narrow version. sadly the older c-record style/pista version is no longer offered as they are now all set and forget and replace when finsihed type although some insist they are servicable - whats better is a matter of opinion and another arguement in itself.

just checking damon rinards weight figures he lists the front hubs (no skewers) at 145grams and the rear i think you had quoted the c-record cassette hubs at 383grams whilst the freewheel version is lighter at
Campagnolo Record-C 7 126 234 gram. that lightness is eaten away as its not a straight comparison with a cassette hubs and as most of the freewheels are heavier than than modern cassettes except for the campy alloy version that is very highly saught after and hard to find in wider/usable sizes - a case of 6 of one/ 1/2 a dozen of the other...

i have a set of dura-ace EX non aero brakes levers that are lighter than the carbons and weigh 197 grams according to the usps scale.

i think some of the super record stuff really was lighter than the later versions and the huret jubilee rear derailleur was from memory 140 grams. weight weenism is not a new thing :-)

cool that you took the time to post the above for the list here - thanks

ciao, ben