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Show me some beautiful pedals, you monkeys(2 posts)

Show me some beautiful pedals, you monkeysAhimsa
May 24, 2002 5:48 PM
Clipless?? Fock that, "Clipfull" sez I!

Let's see some REAL pedals.

I love all the ones at Rivendell and Harris cyclery....but there must be even cooler ones than those newbies.

Show me some good oldies (and newbies I may not have seen).

Who among thee rides with the clips? Who without?


A. (It is time for drink and song)
depends on what you think is beautifulSpirito
May 25, 2002 3:34 AM
sold these nuovo record pedals for a pretty penny as i prefer the current campy clipless pedals. they are with steel cages and all chrome and in my opinion better looking than the black alloy cage super record version and they have the nice toe strap loops on the pretty ...yes i know it isnt classic but NYC traffic isnt fun either and i dont get second chances......

but i did buy a set of MKS platform pedals and found some half clips which are an excellent set for riding in regular sneaks and commuting and such from rivendell. cheap enough that when they are trashed ill toss them and buy another set.

got a set of used but ok miche "campy copy" quill pedals if you need for mates rates.....;-) as well as a couple of different sets of others....