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How does Columbus GPX tubing compare to SLX, TSX, SL, etc?(2 posts)

How does Columbus GPX tubing compare to SLX, TSX, SL, etc?Frank
May 21, 2002 10:05 PM
I have been looking at the Renaissance cycles site also and see they have a few bikes with Columbus GPX tubing. I can't find anything out about this tubing as far as how is is like/differs from Columbus SLX, TSX, SL in weight or features. Anyone know for sure?


i personally think the differences aren't that much....Spirito
May 21, 2002 11:41 PM
sl is pretty nice as is 531. there are lighter and thicker types but unless you are 180lbs or more it doesn't make a real diff. gpx and tsx from my experience came after slx and the walls of the tubing were thickened or thinned...its just slight doctoring and they are all of the same steel more or less. all are good quality.

weight? once you are riding you would have to be a real expert to tell the difference. steel forks are heavy so its rare that an average frameset doesn't weigh about 6lbs. remember that if the paint is looked after it will last forever....steel doesn't go soft or get mushy if its properly built (look at the eiffel tower and the golden gate bridge). i would guess that gpx is much like tsx in that columbus were just drumming up a new flavour.

maybe i treat materials too lightly but i think its more about who builds it and their experience. rivendell uses some next to no name tubing for some of their tubes on their top frames and they do it with pride as it keeps the cost down and they use the good stuff where it counts (down-tube and forks). ask the guys are renaissance - they'll know more about it.