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Iffa you trasha Campagnolo, I breaka you face.....(6 posts)

Iffa you trasha Campagnolo, I breaka you face.....tronracer
May 21, 2002 10:42 AM
I was trying to restore a vintage bike so I asked a few of the old heads at the lbs if they had any old campy stuff for sale. We all got to talking about old campy stuff beccause I had my ride with me. These guys were talking about how they throw out all the old campy stuff and were dissing my bike. Itta broka my hearta. (That they threw out old campy stuff, I don't care what they say 'bout my bike).So I end up getting some Super Record stuff for free. Most of it is in good shape, some with a little rust on it. They told me to use "Semi-chrome" to get the rust off. All I could find at home depot was Brasso and this pink jelly stuff. Neither worked too well. Any suggestion on rust removal and polish to bring old campy stuff back to life?
May 21, 2002 11:05 AM
they advised you to use Simichrome. it works well. im not sure how it polishes alloy but chrome and steel come up well after using it.

another thing that i have used is from rivendell. its called Quick-Glo chrome cleaner rust remover. i like it a bit better as you can use it with bare hands and dont have to worry about your fingers comming off.

there are also similar products and if you ask a harley or vintage car owner they can tel you of a few others that you may find in an auto parts store.

both are good but dont expect miracles. take your time and do it properly (reads: elbow grease). hint: save those old tooth brushes.

whether that old campy stuff is good or bad? it is and it isn't in my opinion. having just bought a suntour cyclone MK II rear derailleur and a shimano front derailleur of recent vintage (both shiny silver and non anodised) for a total of $17 shipped i have to admit they seem to work better than super or nuovo record. they were both new in box and this is for a friends low budget rider.

were it to be on mine and were i building a period correct bike i would probably use the old campy but paying more than 10 times the price (if not more for NOS) for at best equal performance juts goes to prove how the mystique has taken a hold of me.

i could argue for days with anyone that believes their older derailleurs actually better working than the current daytona or 105. the older ones might be a little lighter but the movements and design are dated. they work ok but improvements have been made. for the merckx build i will be using freewheel hubs and friction shifters but will have modern derailleurs (switched off) but working without the clicks. both are new and cost $ would have been nice to use super record but i hate tired and used parts and NOS are just way to expensive. of course i will be trying like mad to get the logo's and decals off to tone them down a bit.

it may be a compromise but its not without its merits. if it were vintage cinelli and i had lots of money it would be 1971 Nuovo Record. im still a retro grouch but i have to pay rent and would rather eat and drink well and have nice wool jerseys too. its the thought that counts....sometimes.

Hey Spirito......tronracer
May 21, 2002 12:14 PM
I'm no expert, so you'll get no argument from me on the subject. Thanks for the good advice though!!! Looks like you are THE expert on this board for Vintage bikes. AND, you're italian. Bellisimmo!!

thanks ...but to be fair you could be wrong on both counts...Spirito
May 21, 2002 2:43 PM
be aware that im certainly no expert and im sure that others here have more knowledge and experience than me. i just tried to look at things logically and was lucky enough to have both the cheapie NOS suntour and the "miracle" campy NR patent 74 also NOS and in box at the same time.

the campy one i sold for $140+ on ebay and the suntour i bought on ebay for $10 . the suntour was a later design by about 15 years but is still considerd old. (circa 80's) but it slant paralellogram design and its movement were clearly in my eyes superior. as it was a firends ride and he doesn't care what parts it has it was an easy decision to use the suntour even though the bike is italian.

the n/record i bought as a good find and was planning to use it but even with knowing that ill never find another within my means i sold it as it would go a long way to more usable and better operating parts...yes without the name and mystique. to say that the campy derailleur was worth 14 times more and worked 14 times better is not the truth as i saw it.

a derialleur is a thing that shifts a chain to me....a set of hubs or a crankset i appreciate the beauty of much more and would spend silly money on. my way is to spend on the frame, then the wheels and cranks. the rest of the parts just have to work: if they look cool - thats a bonus.

that i bought a NOS shimano front derailleur for $2 which failed to sell on ebay and is a little jewel (it will be paired with my friends suntour rear) is very cool indeed.
its about 1988 in vinatge an is far superior to anything of its time or before in my opinion. its not compatible with todays sti shifting but its finish and appearance is much better and with no flaky paint or anodising.

and for what its worth i have yet to try an older era brake set worth keeping and using regularly. they look cool but i live in NYC and need to stop - its not a choice thing.

im am not a pioneer on this school of thought and have been influenced by others more knowledgeable and with far more experience within the component industry and on other forum discussions. im just passing that wisdom.

and sadly i am not an italiano. i am italian in heart but have no bloodlines at all from italy. there is much of italian culture, design and tradition that i enjoy and appreciate though.

the old italian stuff works well and was the best in its day but that doesn't mean the prices they still fetch makes it a miracle component. if you collect (which is cool) by all means use vintage campy but if you want to revive an older frame and just want something that works well then there are later parts that would cost far less and probably work better. the decision rests with you as to what you would like. there is no correct or proper decision - just yours.

Auto parts store, not Home Depot ...Humma Hah
May 21, 2002 4:07 PM
Lotsa stuff for chrome at the auto parts stores.

On my chromed steel rims, a gentle rubbing with fine steel wool brings 'em back to a high shine, on those rare occasions they need it. Rust on quality chrome is usually little superficial blooms.

I don'ta trasha no Campy. Whena I getta my vintage Paramount (ina my dreams), itsa gonna have as mucha olda Campy gear asa I cana getta. I'lla diva inna your LBS's dumpsta iffa I gotta.
Well guys if I every get over to Sicily to visit my sister..Lone Gunman
May 22, 2002 12:44 PM
I am going to scouer the island for as much as I can get my grubby hands on that I feel is of value. She has Doc friends that ride and I am certain they have sources...