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May 18, 2002 11:26 AM
I finally took possesion of a set of 27" 32hole NOS Wolber Alpine rims. Been searching for those pups since March. Get them laced and start to ride and enjoy. Finally something positive.
thats cool...ya got a good deal too....nmSpirito
May 18, 2002 1:11 PM
I was beginning to worry..Lone Gunman
May 18, 2002 3:57 PM
I sent the money out 4.30.2002 and emailed the guy this past week for an update and got no reply. Uhoh, did I get scammed? Then they showed up in the mail today. So if I think my old frame is not worthy of further upgrades which would be a paint job at this point, I might start shopping for a new old frame. Plan is to use this ride as my recovery ride bike. I put a bottle cage on the handlebars this past week, old school style, but the mount bracket is made by Zefal and used an Elite cage.
Recovery ride bike?Dave Hickey
May 19, 2002 3:47 AM
That's a new one. I'm going to have to try that with my wife. I have my good bike, rain bike, classic bike, and a single speed. Now I need a recovery ride bike. Thanks for the tip!!
Bar mounted bottle cage......where to find?Walter
May 19, 2002 5:15 AM
Hey LG (or anyone else who knows):

Where'd you find a handlebar mount bottle cage? I'd really like to find one to complement my CamelBak. Because of complications from a motorcycle accident trad. cages don't work.

Bar mounted bottle cage......where to find?Lone Gunman
May 19, 2002 7:28 AM
Got the Zefal from the LBS. I just checked the site and they do not have a decent pic so I will describe. The unit has 2 "U" bolts that wrap left and right of your stem where it clamps to the bar in the center. They mount horizontal to the floor The bolts are wrapped in a clear plastic sleave to dampen vibration and not mark the bar. The mount for the bottle is a piece of machined aluminum that is "Y" shaped. It has 6 holes drilled into it. 4 are for the 2 threaded ends of both Ubolts (4 holes total) and 2 are for the standard water bottle boss bolts that you can attach any style standard water bottle cage to the Y shaped unit. The clearance between the stem and the U bolt is about 1cm on each side of the stem. Total width outside to outside of the U bolts is 6cm. Your bottle sits in the upright position and if you had a bottle with a long stiff straw, your hands would not need to leave the bar or remove the bottle from it's cage to drink. The down side to this system is to some it may look like alot of hardware just to mount a bottle, I don't like the Camelbacks myself, the other alternative.

Minoura is another company that makes a mount for bikes without mount bosses on the frame and I think either one of these companies makes a double mount for the front and in doing some measuring with the Zefal, 2 of those could be mounted on the handlebar, but you would surrender part of the hands on top of the bar position.

Might find a Zefal Dealer LBS or contact these guys (my LBS)
RETRACTION!!!! It's a Minoura Product!!Lone Gunman
May 19, 2002 7:32 AM
The mounting unit is the Minoura!! No wonder I could not find a good pic of the mount, it is Minoura. DOH!! I had a bottle in the cage while I was looking at the mount and did not see the logo. The LBS carries both and for some reason the Zefal stuck in my head as the better option.