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Anyone care to help me estimate $ building up frame ...(8 posts)

Anyone care to help me estimate $ building up frame ...Humma Hah
May 15, 2002 4:29 PM
... I think I've found my frame (don't everyone start a bidding war against me, please). Looks like it should fit me, exactly what I was hoping for, a 70-ish Paramount frame with chrome Nervux lugs.

To make the bike I want, I'm looking at a singlespeed/fixed flip flop rear wheel (maybe from Sheldon Brown, maybe I can find a local wheelshop), kinda retro rims and spokes, nothing high tech or race stuff. The bike deserves a vintage Campy crankset and BB (CyclArt will have them but will want a premium price). Used bars and other bits and pieces should be fairly easy to come by.

Before I beg the wife to let me bid on this dream frame, I need to have a rough idea how much the finished product will cost. Or do I? Maybe I shouldn't ask.
re: Anyone care to help me estimate $ building up frame ...Walter
May 15, 2002 5:02 PM
Campy Pista cranksets show up on eBay pretty regularly and draw good money, usually over $100, sometimes well over. SunTour Superbe Track cranks are not a bad alternative quality wise and also show up. Not cheap but less than the Campy. Campy did make BMX cranks and I've seen them on eBay also. I don't necessarily recommend that route but it's an option.

Harris Cyclery will list the prices of their wheels. Sovos is cheapest hub and Campy is most expensive. Suzue makes a nice flip/flop and I'm pretty sure it's high flange. Sometimes a track wheel with a quality hub will attract minimal bids on eBay b/c it's laced to a tubular rim. Might be a cost effective way of getting a quality hub.

While I'm thoroughly retro I do have to admit that modern cartridge BBs are a pleasure and it's not like people are going to see. For something vintage Campy like that new may actually cost less.

While hunting don't forget While I've bought more on eBay the purchases I made at Campy-Only were tremendous deals.

You might get it done for +/- $400. My fixie cost less but I used a more "generic" Campy Athena from the '80s for my crank and got very lucky on hubs which, however, are not flip-flop.
May 15, 2002 6:28 PM
that price could be $300 to $1500.

you dont mention headset's, bar/stem, saddle's and the wheel info is a little vague. new or old etc etc. lots of options if you think about it. also you dont need a pista crankset for the road but a campy crankset can cost $20 or $600.

my best advice with rare frames is to suggest that you spend the same amount on the remaining parts as the frame costs. by the way is a very nice no touch or bid or tell.

let us know if you need ideas or sources if you get it. if ya can ride on 32 hole rims scopp up the ma2's at labiciccletta as they are cheap, look classic and are a fine set of rims for most any purpose.

I'm high bidder -- last 5 minutes, anyway.Humma Hah
May 15, 2002 6:56 PM
I guess you spotted it, too. Bloody work of art, even if the paint is "orange". Its the twin of the trackie I drooled over at the San Diego Velodrome about 2 years ago, exactly what I want.

I may start out with stems, bars, seat, etc from the junk or discount bin, as that stuff gets swapped with time to adjust comfort and fit.

The running gear I want to be pretty good stuff. I like lots of spokes -- will drop to only 32 if I must, but I presently ride 36 per wheel of the thickest spokes you've ever seen on a bicycle.

Just peeked at Jim has a yellow '51 Paramount trackie listed, perfect shape, almost unused, for $2000. 53 cm frame, too small for me, too much money, too.

The 70's bike looks to be a roadbike, closer to my needs.
bid and if it works cool...Spirito
May 15, 2002 8:37 PM
and if not dont worry.....

make sure if you can to head to trexlertown swap meet in the fall..... and always keep an eye for whats offered on the CR list. good things pop up just by asking what else people may have but dont think much of.

believe me there are still great buys just means putting yourself in the right position.

good luck

e-bay tends to be a seller's market.Humma Hah
May 16, 2002 2:12 PM
For something sought-after like a cherry vintage Paramount, you gotta know there are a lot of drooling collectors waiting to run up the bid. One of whom evidently didn't mind paying the asking price outright.

On the other hand, it looks like there's a glut of very nice Schwinn cruisers for sale. Couple of Mk IV Jaguars that I remember fondly, in nice shape, with modest bids ($25 bucks, do I hear $30?) Couple of Typhoons like mine used to be, too, before the MTB conversion.
Well, did you get it? (nm)Walter
May 16, 2002 12:26 PM
It vanished! Some rascal musta ...Humma Hah
May 16, 2002 2:08 PM
... paid the whole $425! Its gone without a trace.

Oh, well, it was 58 cm and a 56 cm would be a slighly better fit. Maybe this was meant to be.

There's an almost identical frame still for sale, except it is stripped and has no chrome. I really have my heart set on those chromed Nervux lugs. Really distinctive, a piece of rolling classic art.