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Coupla questions about my Pinarello Treviso(5 posts)

Coupla questions about my Pinarello Trevisostacker
May 15, 2002 7:46 AM
I've never been able to determine the age of my Pinarello. It has downtube shifters(index)full Dura Ace gruppo, Mavic Open pro wheels(8 spd cassette). On the downtube directly beind the headtube it has a date of 1984 along with some other Italian. I have toyed with the idea of getting sti shifters and upgrading wheels to a 9 speed just to lighten it up a bit and ease of shifting. Any thoughts on that type of upgrade? I love riding the bike and don't really want to buy a new rides quite nice.
if you can feel a difference and think that it will be lighter..Spirito
May 15, 2002 2:21 PM
i will take a pic of myself naked in high heels, a wig and make up and post in the general forum....

by changing your set up to sti shifters and 9 speed wheels isnt really gonna make your bike descernably faster or lighter. there is a bit more that you may have to change depending on your set-up. upgrading what you have will be a waste of money.....sell it and buy what you want all there and together.

i think you are misreading into what this forum is about and here is the wrong place to ask as ill be honest i would rather talk you into making the bike stay the way it is and if you want to upgrade ask on the components forum where thay have sold their souls... over here we relish the fact that we are happy not follow modernity where possible and aim to enjoy the bikes as the day that they were current and of highest tech. preservation is key where possible (modern tires, bartape, chains, clinchers and pedals etc etc isnt gonna ruin a classic bike but make it easier and cheaper to run)

asking here for tips to go to modern foolery is like asking a proctocologist for an opinion on whether you should have your teeth bleached......

Can you feel the love?stacker
May 16, 2002 2:31 AM
Wow, such a sharp whit from an obviously repressed homosexual. Judging by your first little diddy of a brain fart excerpt along with your cute proctologist analogy I'd venture a guess to say you are at odds with your be it.
Admittingly, I may have been incorrect in my understanding of what kind of ilk would inhabit this particular niche forum and for that I am sorry. If you feel the need to bash and trash a person for wanting to upgrade a perfectly good, albeit dated, frame with a few modern touches that is your right if you are so inclined.
So in closing, thank you for furthering my belief that most people blow.
Have a good day.
A different perspectiveNessism
May 16, 2002 5:06 PM
I think it's great that you want to keep your old Pinarello on the road. Upgrades are a great way to breath new life into a classic rig.

To upgrade to 9-speed you will need the shifters, rear derailleur, cassette, and chain. The 8-speed hub will accept a 9-speed cassette so changing this is optional and the front derailleur should work as well.

I wouldn't expect to drop any weight with this upgrade however. The shifters will be heavier which will offset any other weight savings.

At any rate, you're welcome to post in this forum as far as I'm concern. I figure as long as we're preserving old iron, all is fair game.

re: Pinarello Trevisoguido
May 17, 2002 7:28 PM
That date, 1984, might be accurate. If the Columbus label says SLX, it was the first year that tubing became available. If it doesn't specify which kind of tubing it is, it's SL, the precursor of SLX, same formula, same butting, but without SLX's internal rifling, which strengthen the tubes where they join the BB, make the BB stiffer, but also make the frame a bit harsher riding.

As a long time owner of bikes with down tube shifters, I can attest that they are not only lighter and more aerodynamic than brake lever shifters, but also work with greater reliability. Because the cable runs are shorter to the derailleurs, down tube shifters make crisp shifts with minimum lever travel, compared to brake lever shifters. Downtube shifters move up and down, while brake lever shifters go sideways. If you're not careful, they'll upset the steering. You've got ease of shifting superior to STI already. It's just as easy to reach down and shift as it is to click the brake levers.

Dura Ace is second to none. The old stuff will continue working really fine for more years to come. The 8 speed cassette indicates the rear dropouts have been widened to the current standard of 130mm, and you will have no trouble finding replacement cogs or wheels.

I'll go along with Spirito that simply lightening it up won't really be worth the effort. It'll ride the same as it does now. If you want a modern bike, get a modern bike. But if you're happy with your current ride, as you say you are, go with it.