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regal, brooks swift saddles ...(3 posts)

regal, brooks swift saddles ...tarwheel
May 14, 2002 9:43 AM
Well, I finally found a San Marco Regal saddle, a used ti one I got off eBay. After trying to install it on my bike, I think I know why these saddles aren't more popular and why most places don't stock them anymore -- the darn rails are too short. Now my frame is a Gios with a short top tube and steep seat angle (74), but the Regal saddle doesn't have nearly enough rail length to properly position my knees over the pedals. I'm sure it would fit a frame with a slacker seat tube angle just fine, but it seems like most bikes nowadays have pretty steep angles. Fortunately, I can use the Regal on my other bike.

On a related subject, I also picked a Brooks Swift saddle in a trade. The Swift is in great shape but had a broken tensioner bolt. I got another bolt from Wall Bike, but replacing it looks like it will be a difficult job. Has anyone ever replaced a tension bolt on a Brooks saddle? Any tips?
if you want the longest saddle rails of anySpirito
May 14, 2002 12:08 PM
you will need a special brooks B17 "camapgnolo model" and the special Campy Nuovo Record post to go with it. indeed it offers 7 inches of fore-aft adjustment. you need the saddle and the post with the narrow clamps - both are the proverbial hen's teeth.

they are expensive as they were only made in limited numvers between the late 50's till about 1970 and they are very saught after by collectors.

i have one for auction which has a slightly skewed raill and is fairly good condition otherwise but has a lot of shop wear...yes the price is crazy for something that will need an expert to put straight but....

otherwise and more sanely ask around as its easy for all of us to check the measurement of the actual rail length so you know before buying.
fortunately, i'm not that bad off ...bianchi boy
May 14, 2002 6:20 PM
That's incredible, though. I can't believe someone would pay $500 for a saddle. Actually, I've found the perfect saddle for my Gios, at least the best one yet. It's a Lepper Voyager that I bought used from someone here at RBR. At first I didn't think it would work, until I realized it just needed to have the tensioner adjusted. Once I tightened it up, it worked fine. It gets more comfortable each time I ride it, it's a beautiful honey brown color, and it's reasonable light for a leather saddle. The rails on it are only about 1 cm longer than the Regal, but they are positioned so that I can move it rearward more. Harris Cyclery and a few other places now sell the ti version of the Leppers for about $120, which is not bad when you compare it to the Brooks Swift. It's also about 20 g lighter than the Swift, although not quite a pretty.