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Way beyond retro, but is it a classic?(2 posts)

Way beyond retro, but is it a classic?Walter
May 12, 2002 3:49 PM

For me this is an interesting bike and I certainly wouldn't pass one up if I found one in a barn, but it doesn't really float the olive in my martini.

The classic I want is a 1930s 6 Day Racer like the Paramount about which there's an ongoing thread or the Watsyn racer I mentioned in that thread.
Reminds me of one I saw at Rusty Spokes ...Humma Hah
May 13, 2002 1:10 PM
... about a year and a half back, I saw a bike in La Jolla, CA, at Rusty Spokes, an 1890 Pierce roadbike that had suffered a botched "restoration" at some point. It still had wooden rims, but the seat was kinda modern, the bars were not original, and other bits were missing. Pierce went on to make well-known high-end automobiles.

They wanted too much for the bike, at $1600. However, it would have been a fun bike to get back on the road, not too valuable to ride, not a museum piece, due to the prior vandalism. With a decent set of tires on it, I'd have cheerfully ridden it in an easier century like Amtrack or TD Palm Springs, just to see if anybody realized how old it was. I think many riders would not even have given it a second glance -- looked enough like a modern roadbike to have blended in.

The one you have there, side by side with my wife's 1980-something Higgins, would practically be its twin, except for brakes and rear hub.