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87Specialized Allez SE,600,all original,roots machine mun.(4 posts)

87Specialized Allez SE,600,all original,roots machine mun.128
May 10, 2002 5:35 AM
Golly wish I had a photo to show.(workin on it)
I'm just looking for info on this old girl as jimminy, I think I might be a reluctant retro. (thinking Lemond Zurich)

'twas just divine intervention that we should fall together anyway: After the road bug's gritty bite, and coin mortgage bound, I, searching all summer the yard sales, no fruit, then early in the fall, when despair had turned to resolve, I saw the gleaming alloy vision, leanded jauntily in the light. How much I say: ten dollars says he. Time skipped a beat, then my arms wrapped her up and carried her away! A treasure! My Helen! The pupose! like the thousand ships of Troy.
And wouldn't it be just right, that we fit like rider and bike, as if the one who lost her, was I, in another life.

Any way. I'm cuirious about the d/t shifters. Somewhat embarassed to say I didn't know until finding out by accident that the shifters have the option of friction or index with the twist of the D ring.
I thought that was pretty wild. (was that common back then? did other groups do that? was it a good/bad thing? How'd riders like/need the option??)
I've gotten used to the friction and prefer it.

It's the 600sis tranny (became Ultegra). Wonder what the sis indicates(?). Anything interesting?

The blue frame doesn't indicate the kind of tubing, just 'special racing series' (SE) under the seat tube lug. It's a sweet, lugged steel frame, LBS guys loved it (and were grouchy at my bargain purchase as I was about to buy a Bianchi from them, but I'm buying all kinds o poop from them still) There's some signature on it too, on the chainstay "Jim something or other".
Could there be an owners manual out there somewhere??
And in admirable condition, dare I say excellent condition. Serioulsy, the whole thing blows my mind, and quads!

Well, any info or thoughts are appreciated, not all that classic a bike but I'm in love as she kicks my ass all down the road. Fortunatley I'm just strong enough to keep up with the gear selection but believe I will put on a 39 ring as I do do (yes do do) hills galore...erg.
Good buy! Mine's an '89, I think...retro
May 10, 2002 8:00 AM
Not sure of the year, because I bought it used in about 1994, but I've ridden it a lot and love it. It's a backup bike now, but I keep it at work in summer to ride at lunch.
SIS stood for either Shimano Index Shifting or Shimano Index System, I forget which, and it was common to have a friction option. When indexing first came in, it wasn't universally accepted. Racers were afraid rivals would hear the "click" and realize they were getting ready to sprint or whatever, and other riders worried about reliability or what would happen if you fell and bent a derailleur or hanger. Having friction removed those objections because it allowed you to trim the shifters. As the clickers were accepted, the makers cut costs a little by deleting the option. Shimano bar-end shifters still have it--in fact my Atlantis uses them in friction mode, because I'm comfortable with it and never got around to fine-tuning the adjustment so it would click.
Anyway, you're right--it's a nice bike and a great price.
Good buy! Mine's an '89, I think...128
May 10, 2002 9:34 AM
Interesting and enlightening information, thanks. This will become the rain ride but for now it's me, the bike, and old peddle cages! (and an older Trek 850 for those mountain rage rides...)

Is yours labeled 600 or Ultegra? and where were the shifters in '89?
re: 87Specialized Allez SE,600,all original,roots machine mun.Walter
May 10, 2002 12:08 PM
A steal at 4-5X the price or more. Nice find.

The above info about SIS is accurate as I recall. Many if not most experienced riders had misgivings about "click" shifting for quite awhile. This was added to by the fact that Campy was late and not particularly successful at first when it got into indexed shifting.

I had a first generation Cannondale SR600 frame which I built up in 86 with the 600EX gruppo, the last friction group. Got it cheap as Shimano was making the change to SIS. Good stuff even though I was skeptical having been a firm SunTour user for many years previous.

Any "race" bike in '89 had the d/t shifters. STI was still in the future. Quality tourers had barcons and cheaper bikes whether from quality makers or Huffy had the shifters on the stem.