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Desperately seeking....gloves. Make me look good kids.(4 posts)

Desperately seeking....gloves. Make me look good kids.Ahimsa
May 9, 2002 5:58 PM
I need some new gloves, daddy-o. Something nice. Something fresh. Something old skule classic and/or euro look without too much flash.

I like the look of the Castelli team glove over on CC. Looks tight and black and sort of wicked. That would be acceptable, but I have no word on the durability. I like durability.

I used to wonder about those pretty Performance brand "Classic" gloves they used to show in the catalogue. They were black crochet with gumwall tan leather palms, but alas, my anti store brand snooty-ness kept me from all things Performance tagged. Ah, me and my big cynical self. I figured they'd just be cheap and fall apart. Now I wish I'd tried 'em.

Currently using Body Geometry Specialized types that are ugly as the morning after and fit like hell. They are durable as a cement truck though, and that's why I bought 'em.

Suggestions? Castelli comments?


A. (Who figured all the style was over here now and not on the general board with all the new fangled team gear weenies. Do not disappoint me.)
why didn't ya ask me first bro?Spirito
May 9, 2002 9:22 PM
NOS in package.

leather gloves with nice stitched in padding. stringback cotton top section - cool and lots of tiny holes for the old skool suntan. early velcro top strap. sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well made s, m, l.

choice of all black or tan leather with natural cotton top.

stringback specials. how many you need ahimsa ...i think ive only got about 30 pairs left.

if ya haven't noted my email by now i guess you have to go without - mates rates and all :-)

oh lord..... stringback heaven....

haven't even mentioned the peugeot blue ones yet....

of course i cant sell stuff here as its not kosher.........OR is it????
Eh? Thought I just did.Ahimsa
May 10, 2002 8:01 AM
Figured I'd give everyone here a go at it. I knew you'd be watching over here.

Got a pic of those mits?

Ah...I got yer email lad.

And what of these peugeot blue ones then?


A. (All black, or tan and natural.....hmmm...any black and tan?)
I have the Castelli Team...Qubeley
May 12, 2002 1:39 PM
They look sweet, don't they? When you put your two hands together, it says "C A S T E L L I", Fit great. My problem with them is that they are sooooo thin, both the lycra and paddding. the material they use doesn't seem to be durable either. And there's no velcro strip for closing, just a elastic strip. I am very concerned about the durability. I only show it off in the races. when I go out on my own: Mapei Sportful, thicker leather padding.
If you wear medium, I have a NIB Team Cantina Tollo made by Nalini, too big for me and I lost the receipt. It's royal blue with a small yellow oval that says "Cantina Tollo", not too flashy. Nice lycra and very thick padding...$15 shipped to your door.