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IDEOR ASSO...Can anyone tell me about this bike company???(3 posts)

IDEOR ASSO...Can anyone tell me about this bike company???Tommy B
May 3, 2002 8:37 AM
Does anyone know anyhting about Ideor they can share with me?

I just bought this 50cm 1972 Ideor frameset online from CyclArt. I hadn't heard of this company until I saw this frame (I was born in 1974 so the only bikes I knew of then had three little wheels and were red). I searched around on the internet and came up with very little info and no images of other Ideors. I found a website ( that sells vintage bike catalog reproductions and there was a late 50's Ideor catalog. Much earlier than mine but I ordered it anyway and I'm still waiting for it.

The nice folks at CyclArt said a while ago they bought a number of frames at a swap meet with and painted them up very nicely for a trade show where they were displayed to represent their abilities. Afterward, they put them in their online store at great prices. I bought this one for $375. It has what they classify as a Cat. 2 finish (but I was told it has extra layers of clearcoat) and if you add up the costs from the price lists for all the work that was put into it, the paint job alone would cost $450-$500. So it was like getting a great deal on a paint job and a cool unique lugged frame for free!

I was told it was originally burgundy and had no second color panels on the seattube and head tube but they said that Ideor has used a variation of this color combo before (probably not a bright or intense I would imagine!) Unfortunately they did not take any "before" photos.

The ad said it was made with Reynolds 531 double butted tubes, and this seemed strange for an italian bike so when I asked them to double check, they found a Columbus stamp inside or on the BB shell. So I would imagine it was all Columbus tubing but I have no idea what type. It has Campy forged dropouts with eyelets (the rear is Campy's 1010A). It has 120mm rear spacing which is great for me since I was planning to make it into a nice fixed gear anyway and track hubs are 120mm.

Jeff at CyclArt told me that the lugs are very similar to the style used by Olmo frames of the same period. He also said that Ideors were imported by Montrose Bike Shop in Calif. I looked them up and found their number. When I called I spoke to a younger guy who said the owner is the one to talk to and he's away for the next few weeks.

So is there anything else any of you can tell me about this company's history? Anyone out there who owns one? I'd love to see it! (Although I don't plan on trying to build it up to original specs but I'm curious what the original components were). Is there any racing heritage associated with Ideor?

Thnaks for your help!
re: IDEOR ASSO...Close-ups of frame from above post...Tommy B
May 3, 2002 8:46 AM
I thought you might like to see some close-ups of the lugs. I especially like the design of the seat cluster lug and the red accents. My UPS tracking info says it will arrive Monday...I'm sooo excited!

Let me know what you think!
i bet your excuted ...that is stunning!Spirito
May 3, 2002 9:35 AM
nice ...nice...nice.

i think the best way to find more about the frame maker and its histroy would be to post a question about it on the classic rendezvous list.

as its so pretty you'll get a lot of responses.

subscribe, remember to ad you full name and city on every post, and keep it before 1983 (they are the rules) and opt for the daily digest of emails. always a good read and very informative.