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Need to ID 80's frame(3 posts)

Need to ID 80's framewellfish
May 1, 2002 6:12 AM
Hi- I have a ca. 1985 lugged steel frame that I bought as a kid for racing. The previous owner (who built bikes for Ross) told me it was a Conago that he repainted. He told me how hard it was to get replacement decals, and that he had to prove the authenticity of the bike. I know now that that is total BS, since the bike uses Shimano dropouts and a Tange bottom bracket that is English threaded. Doesn't sound like a Colnago to me. He may have built it for all I know. Do any of you have an idea? If it a coomercial bike, I suspect it might be a Fuji or San Rensho. Anyone at least know who used chrome plated Shimano dropouts in the mid-eighties??
re: Need to ID 80's framecurlybike
May 1, 2002 11:32 AM
I have never heard of an english threaded Colnago road bike. If they did a atb, it might have been English, as It. atb stuff would be rare. That was a CYA statement.
re: Need to ID 80's frametanman
May 1, 2002 12:46 PM
Never heard of a Colnago, or any Italian frame from that era with an English thread BB; they were built with, what else, italian threading. If the frame were a Colnago, it should also have distintive Colnago cutouts in the lugs (spades, I believe).

I have a Waterford built Schwinn built in 1990 that has chrome plated Shimano dropouts. It also has an english bb, but no way to ascertain whether it has a Tange BB shell.

Maybe you can look for any distinctive lug work or at least a serial number. In the odd chance that there is a s/n, check, one of the links shows you how to check for schwinn serial numbers.