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Older Paramounts(8 posts)

Older Paramountsbc3274
Apr 30, 2002 9:21 AM
Not sure my 8 year old bike qualifies as "retro" - but I'm looking for info on Paramounts built around 1993. Want to know frame material used, origin (I heard there were American & Asian built frames) and sizes made. Thanks for any help.
re: Older Paramountscurlybike
Apr 30, 2002 10:41 AM
Does it have a decal that sez PDG on it. If so that would not be a "old Paramount" Those were, I think, Asian made to specs of the Paramount Design Group of Schwinn.
re: Older Paramountsdotkaye
Apr 30, 2002 1:20 PM
lots of good info here, including serial # reference for dating and sourcing the frame

Yep, if it's a PDG 3 or 5, then it was built by National Panasonic in Japan. Still an OK frame, but not really a classic.
Retro in a Paramount is 1939 ...Humma Hah
May 1, 2002 4:13 PM
... although I'd settle for any built in the 60's or 70's. Preferably a fixie with not of that new-fangled derailleur stuff.
Retro in a Paramount is 1939 ...curlybike
May 1, 2002 8:21 PM
A friend of mine that passed away has 4-5 of that vintage stashed away, and I will be helping to clean the stuff out. Maybe, I can get them back out on the road. They are too neat to go to the dump, which is they are slated for.
That would be a crime!Humma Hah
May 2, 2002 3:35 PM
... bloody hell, I wouldn't be surprised each one would fetch four grand on e-bay!

See if there's a 56 cm or thereabouts in the stash ... I'll take one! I'll ride it, too! Even know where to get the wooden rims.
hey hummahSpirito
May 2, 2002 4:36 PM
i have lost my link where i saw the cerchi ghisallo's on offer - would you mind sharing it as i hope one day to build a wheelset with a pair.

i know its in the UK but my google seearches have proved fruitless.

pretty plese:-)
hey hummahHumma Hah
May 2, 2002 5:51 PM
You talking wooden rims? I don't know any cerchi ghisallo, but CyclArt, in Vista CA, has a stock of wooden rims.

Jim Cunningham's a vintage bike fanatic. The shop is virtually a museum, plus sells relics and parts for relics. They also have a club called the Vintage Bicycle Association. Jim rides several vintage commuters, one of which is an ancient 3-speed derailleur with coasterbrake (they said it couldn't be done!)