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bookmarked site orgy?(5 posts)

bookmarked site orgy?Spirito
Apr 26, 2002 7:28 AM
i think it fair to share and offer sites for classically minded enthusiasts so we shouldn't have to rely solely on ebay and may have a chance to plan a build with NOS parts and bits. se here are my "sources" ;

NOS campagnolo

a few freewheels, brake hoods, quill stems and odds and ends

the odd steel frame or two

a great source for info and older style parts

a few older style rims

all that small and fiddly stuff/parts that has you pulling hair out

New "old school" frames made to order - some ebay prospects just arent worth the risk - these are a better alternative in my opinion as they are new

a great source in eindhoven. usually 5 day shipping. nos heaven - sells a lot on ebay as well. have to comb thru it finely - hot sheet offers some cool buys.

the inimitable and charming guys at rivendell. become a member at least just for their readers - very cool

try this link LAST as they are pricey but have some older parts

good guys, fair prices and quick shipping

i drool at their jersey's

i look for fixie stuff worldclass cycles, business cycles and the odd part or 2 at chucks bikes for the beater. the odd chainring, freewheel and stem can be found at excel, nashbar and performance as well.

but i urge a lot of you to get to know your local bike store as im sure if you dig around youll unearth something hard to find and of quite some value as well. just dont go jumping around when you dfind a super record Ti bottom bracket as they'll up the price on "that old stuff" that nobody wants.

im sure most of you know a lot of the above but its good to share anyway as the more old bikes the better.

oh, before i forget A-bikes in nyc (212) 691-6149 (my local) has a sale on their old stuff - nothing really exciting unless you like flouro bartape. in their bargain bin they have a few funky and great working seatposts that are 26.6 fluted and made by sugino - good length in box $10 and a few chorus aero (c-record style) seatposts again 26.6 shortish and new in box for $20. they have some regina 6 speed freewheels as well for about $45 i think. their mechanic is a true master if anyone is local - he preps and builds a bike properly and any service he does he gives a full account of things to watch out for be it rust or wear and that is important on an older bike as the earlier spotted the better.

family owned (don & maria) for the last 40 odd years.

ciao :-)
re: bookmarked site orgy?...may I addDjudd
Apr 26, 2002 11:00 AM in North Carolina retro frames and parts. In the DC area check College Park Cycles and Mt Airy Cycles. Great frames literally hanging from the rafters. You'll probably remember College Park Cycles being trashed after the University of Maryland NCAA win.
re: bookmarked site orgy?wooglin
Apr 26, 2002 12:07 PM
Most of mine are eye candy like this
c' some other sites...get in the spirit & share NmSpirito
Apr 27, 2002 7:59 AM
Apr 27, 2002 5:45 PM
Never used any of these folks, but they're in my bookmark folder.

Classic Cycle

Bicycle Classics

Recycled Cycles

Wall Bikes (Brooks saddles)