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Reproduction Campy hoods?(2 posts)

Reproduction Campy hoods?Marshalltown
Apr 25, 2002 1:31 PM
I'm only borderline retro, but a friend has a nice old handmade frame with pretty tattered original Campy brake hoods. I hear someone makes reproduction hoods. Anyone know anything about them? These are for a commuter bike, so it's kind of stupid spending a heap of money for original hoods on ebay.

Thanks in advance!
there is lots of choices....Spirito
Apr 25, 2002 1:58 PM
if you need black hoods

if you are after gum colored hoods

then there are other manufacturer hoods with modolo being close in fit. is always a selection at renaissance cycles

but they are in europe so it pays to buy a few things to make the shipping worthwihile. usually takes 5 days - sometimes less. is a great spurce for new vintage gear.

others like loose screws and e-bay are worth checking as well.

checking ebay under the collectibles section is always cool as well but will get you in trouble as well

these have me drooling massively.