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Why the heck don't I wanna ride?(11 posts)

Why the heck don't I wanna ride?MShaw
Jan 28, 2004 11:30 AM
All right, here's the story. I'm suffering from a crisis of motivation. I was going gangbusters right before Christmas when the flu struck San Diego. 3 weeks off the bike, then 11 days in NoVA means all the nice fitness I gained is GONE.

Racing starts NEXT WEEKEND! here in San Diego with the Boulevard RR (which I am NOT doing!) and the Red Trolley "Classic" the day after (which I am planning to do as a lark).

WTF is going on? I have this urge to go RUNNING of all things. The desire to be on the bike is almost non-existant right now.

Am I just depressed 'cause all that nice fitness is gone and I haven't been able to get in any more consistent riding since I've been back from NoVA?


Puzzled in SoCal,

Do a couple short brickstreebound
Jan 28, 2004 11:50 AM
If you're also a runner then just go do a few bricks and you'll be back on the bike in no time.
re: Why the heck don't I wanna ride?biknben
Jan 28, 2004 4:48 PM
You're bummin that you won't be fit for the first couple races. Reset your training schedule and ramp back up. Set a goal for a race further in the future and forget about the ones you'll miss.

3 weeks with the flu is pretty serious. It's a setback for sure. Make some adjustments and restart your training.
ben's right, you need to refocuslonefrontranger
Jan 28, 2004 7:39 PM
first of all, don't try to get back at it hard right after the flu.

Second of all, my coach and I just had this very conversation recently, stemming from the fact that I've been effectively off the bike for oh, about 3 months now. New man, lots of travelling and general malaise about racing in general have been contributing factors.

My coach certainly wasn't too worried about it, seeing as our racing season doesn't really start until April. However, the catch is, not riding tends to lead to getting used to not riding.

If running is what you feel like doing now, then biknben is dead on the mark, just run and feel good about it. Save worrying about the early races for all those 'winter stars' who'll fade come time for some of the more important racing anyway.

Oh, and if you were going gangbusters in December before the flu struck, you may be surprised at how much fitness you'll preserve, even after an extended break. Forgive me if I wax a little self-indulgent here to make a point, but this link points to an accomplishment I made after a solid MONTH of screwing off and not riding much. Oh, and I didn't actually run an inch for 'cross prep this year. I literally decided to do this race about 90 minutes before my start was due. It happened to be 2 blocks away from my SO's house. He took the pic:
ben's right, you need to refocusAsiago
Jan 29, 2004 10:28 AM
Wow, awesome LFR! Congrats (sorry for the off-topic Ben).

BTW, good to "see" you back around. This new man of yours was really starting to tick me off! :)

you studette, you. rock out, Beth. Congratulations.bill
Jan 29, 2004 12:55 PM
I consider you my brush with greatness.
MShaw - who do you ride with?Rich_Racer
Jan 29, 2004 2:19 PM
I agree with the comments azbout just doing what you want to do. Forcing yourself to ride when you don't want to is totally counterproductive.

Having said that, you probably still have some guilt. Try to do some long slow rides on a really nice day (most days in San Diego!) - along coast or favourite hills. I find that when I'm feeling unmotivated, going with other people, especially new people, makes things a lot more interesting. Do you ride with an SD team? Which one?

MShaw - who do you ride with?MShaw
Jan 29, 2004 3:57 PM
I'm self-employed so more often than not, during the winter I'm riding by myself. I can outwait the cold and ride at noon-ish...

When the time changes, there's a buncha different options in the evenings (when I'd rather be riding vs. taking time out during the day).

Track season starts at the time change. The BIG GOAL for the year is Master's State Champs at the track. That isn't till later in the summer so I'm not too bad off yet. The other big goal for the season is the Barrio Logan/San Luis Rey weekend. THAT is another story... I don't know why I have a bug up my rear end about the SLRey race 'cause I AM NOT a climber!

I think I'm about to go for a run. Normally I'm not a runner, but I do enjoy it for the fact that its something different.

If I were in VA with my little brother, I'd be wishing for weather like I have... Now that I have it all the time, it just isn't as critical to get out on the nice days 'cause they're ALL nice.

I was riding with the 3BRT guys till about July of last year. Long story that doesn't need repeating again. Right now I've got another team from out of state on my license so I don't have to race unattached.

Normally, I'll ride down and meet the SDBC ride at La Costa and ride with them till Sol. Bch or the top of Torrey Pines, then ride home up the coast.

Gotta run, literally.

nah, that would be the Sherpalonefrontranger
Jan 29, 2004 9:20 PM
He's persnickety about his true identity and I respect that, but dude is the real deal.

I am merely tolerably good by association. Were it not for the Sherp lighting a serious bonfire under my tush after I busted my CB last year, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Hell, I probably wouldn't be racing anymore but for his wizardry.

The point of the thread drift here (sorry about that) is that the off-season is called that for a reason. Your body needs a real break, and none of us here are pros. Even some of the top pros take a month solid off the bike, and most of us can stand quite a bit more than that and still see perfectly good results during the season from 6-8 weeks prep once we decide to get back at it. Face it people, none of us here are doing Tour de Langkawi in February, L-B-L in April, back-to-back Grand Tours, the Olympics, then finishing up with Worlds in October. Most of us would do well just to stick 90 days worth of decent racing together back-to-back. So WTH are we so concerned about in January? For most of us in the snow belts, it's all about cabin fever. Fine, sure - go ahead and ride the trainer now if you need to keep from going nuts. But if you put too much intensity on now, don't blame anyone but yourself when you can't come up with the goods at 'Toona in August.

MShaw, you say you had the flu a couple weeks back. That in itself is a good indicator that you need to take it easy. Doing too much intensity too soon after that serious an illness is a surefire recipe for disaster. Take it from someone who's been there before. The last thing you need is to trigger something like Epstein-Barr / chronic fatigue by trying to hit it too hard before your body has fully shaken off the effects of the flu. That's a documented real possibility, by the way, so I'm not kidding about taking it a little bit gradual on the comeback.

Take your MTB, beater, mutt, cruiser, cross bike, whatever, (and we all have something like this) and go for some 2-hour rambling cruises / trail rides / coffee shop tours on nice sunny days. Do this for 2 weeks or so. If you don't feel like riding, don't ride. Run, or play tennis or whatever floats your boat. Just don't push yourself. Your body is trying to tell you something important, so listen to it.

I know how long the season is in California; I've seen youall's calendars. You've got plenty of time to be a superstar, and the gods have given you the clear message that this year it ain't gonna be in February.
Easy solutionSpoiler
Jan 29, 2004 10:06 PM
Do like I did and move to Scranton, PA. Within a couple weeks, you'll sell your soul just to get a chance to ride a commuter bike around the block.
Easy solutionMShaw
Jan 30, 2004 9:50 AM
I grew up in NoVA and went to school for 7 years in Blacksburg (VA Tech).

I know all about dreaming of riding outdoors in the winter when there's 10" of snow and ice... I don't miss it! The funny thing about San Diego is that there really aren't any seasons. I do miss spring and fall...

I went out for my 34min run last night. Man are my legs sore! That pounding up and down thing is COMPLETELY different than riding.

I'm going to break out the cross bike and go exploring this afternoon, running again tomorrow after my motorcycle ride.