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Interval LengthHandy Andy
Jan 23, 2004 5:05 AM
At the moment my on the bike training just consists of a couple of hard group rides each week but in a few weeks time I am planning on starting riding some interval sessions in preparation for my first race in the middle of March, my question is what length, frequency and number of intervals should I do. This will be my first season racing so I have a lot to learn, if it helps at all I can stay with the group while everything stays fairly flat but once everyone charges up a hill I get dropped, thankfully everyone slows down at the top!

Thanks for your help,

As long as the hill on which you are getting dropped!Spunout
Jan 23, 2004 7:09 AM
Weak on hills, train hills.

Seriously, interval programs are many. Try to get a coach, maybe look at Friel's training bible. Start off with longer, easier (MAP) intervals and look to shorter, stronger intervals as you progress.

Some good stuff here:

Especially their Pyramid session, but that is for seasoned riders only.
re: Interval Lengthasgelle
Jan 23, 2004 8:22 AM
You might want to take a look at:

This gives heart rate and power based training levels and the adaptations that result.

Also, has good training information.

Joe Friel's Training Bible would be a good book to get started.
Count backward from the races that matter.Canidraftyou
Jan 25, 2004 3:00 PM
Just a thought,
You need to count backwards from the Races that matter. Dont hurry the program along for the first race. Use the first half dozen as training rides/races.

"I" start my intervals during base III, try longer intervals with moderate heart rate approx 70%, then shorten the interval time but add more intervals at 80%, until ur at 90% effort. Then back it off on number/time of intervals and do three or four short power intervals "ALL OUT" for 3 min. and level out at 80% for 3 min. then make sure you do warm up ride and cool down ride!!! 20 min. prior and after.

This will help with staying with the jumps and bridging gaps and then teaching you to set in and still have some to dish out at 80%. Thats the mind set I go with. Im just the ave. guy in the pack who will never win. Who dont allow the large teams to build gaps, I help bring the pack back!!! When teams jump, I pull the pack back into reach :) its fun to be a help to secondary team(s).

Peace out,
Count backward from the races that matter.Woof the dog
Jan 31, 2004 6:50 AM
Thats rediculous