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Notes from the back...TFerguson
Jan 12, 2004 1:48 PM
ABD Indoor Time Trial #1 - 1/11/04 Race Day Conditions: Temperature: 68 F Wind: none Terrain: Flat Race held Indoors at Wheaton Community Center, Wheaton, IL, USA

Your bike, their CompuTrainer and 10k of suffering. The year has started.

A friend and I arrive plenty early to set up our trainer/roller, register and get a good 40-minute warm up. My showtime is 12 noon. At about quarter to, I climb on the scale with my bike for the official weigh in. It seems that my bike has gained about 8 ½ lbs since last January – or maybe it's the different shoes. Anyway, over to Station 10 where they lock the bike in the trainer, enter the weight into the computer, and calibrate the system by measuring the spin down time from 25 mph. My partner/adversary (2 CompuTrainers per computer) is also dialed in and off we go.

Last year, my best times were just under 16 minutes (23.3 mph) and my time for TT#1 was just over 17 minute (21.9 mph). With no clue as to my fitness at this point and being pretty sure I can not keep pace with the guy beside me (he was in the mid-15s last year), I just take it up to 21 mph. No problem, so I take it up to 22 and hold it there. The other guy on the screen is doing 25+ and pulling away fast. A little while later and my average is up to 21.5 and I'm still feeling good. I've been spinning at a little over 100 rpm and am starting to hurt, so I shift up 2 gears, slide back in the saddle and push hard for about 20 seconds. I only downshift 1 gear and go back to the spin and keep it at above 22.5 mph. At about 5 miles (10k= 6.21 miles) I take it up to 23.3 mph and hold. I'm now spinning for about 45 seconds and pushing for 15. OK, now I'm breathing like locomotive and it's starting to hurt. At almost 6 miles I take the speed up a little more. At six miles I shift up 2, push hard and keep building the cadence to the end. 16 minutes and 27 seconds at an average of 22.65 mph. I drop the front to the little ring and spin down for about 15 seconds and get off the bike. That's the final test; now I know I didn't go hard enough. I have never been able to just get off the bike after a TT before. Next time (2/1/04), I'm going to take it up to 23.5 mph and hold it.

Our thanks to all at ABD for another well run event.