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What does your Base Training consist of?(11 posts)

What does your Base Training consist of?853
Jan 6, 2004 12:18 PM
Just curious as to what other people have been doing, what they plan on doing and when they start doing some more intense work.

As for me, I started in November first three weeks.
In November I was riding Tuesdays 1.5/2h. and Thursdays 2h.(at my pace doing everything, hills, flats, rollers)
Saturday 3h. group ride and Sundays doing a 3.5h group ride.
The last week of November I took it easy and rode easily.

December, first three weeks.
I increased my riding a bit - Tuesdays 2.5h. and Thurs. 3h.
Saturdays 3.5/4h fast group ride, Sundays 3.5h fast group ride in the hills.
The last week of the month, I took a break and rode easily.

January I am starting a 4 week block and stepping it up a bit.
Mondays: Rest
Tuesdays: sprint training 1.5h
(Training crit or at the Track)
Wed: Tempo workouts 2h.(on a long steady climb)
Thursday:Endurance 3.5h
Friday: 30 min. spin on the rollers
Saturday: 4h. fast group ride
Sunday: 3.5h fast group ride
4 weeks of this then a rest week.

So far I feel great,I've been on a diet, I've lost 15lbs and I can't wait for the first road race Jan.31st

So what are you guys planning or doing?
you must be in CA ??climbo
Jan 6, 2004 12:41 PM
or somewhere warm to start that early. Out here in cold NJ, I usually don't go 4 days a week until March. Of course, I don't train anything like most other Cat 3's I know. With a fulltime job, kid and wife, most of my training is on the way to work and back. 5 days a week from March onwards, 7.5 to 10 hours a week doing that, then one road/MTB/solo or group ride on a weekend of 2 - 5 hours. Right now, 2 or 3 days a week on the trainer for an hour, then a weekend MTB or fixed gear ride of 2 - 4 hours so a maximum of 8 hours riding a week for the next 2 months.
you must be in CA ??Rich_Racer
Jan 6, 2004 1:36 PM
Well I am. December was my "off-season" though - just got back on the bike last week. Trial-by-fire with the 70 mile Swami group ride on saturday - I blew!

But to answer your question - just ride alot. I increase by 10-20% a week until I hit about 200 miles a week. I also play soccer twice a week and go for one run, and one or two swim sessions so I can't afford more time on the bike than that. End of feb I'll start doing higher intensity work. Actually I'm doing one gym session a week at the moment too.

I hate trainers and spin classes - that's why I live in San Diego!
I live in CaliThe Human G-Nome
Jan 6, 2004 1:47 PM
And I'm such a wuss that my weekday riding is still indoors on the rollers. You'd think I was from somewhere with a crumby climate. I taught my GF to ride the rollers last week and she spun on them last night until she crashed horribly. She went down so hard that she landed on the Killer Headwind fan and bruised her rib cage and her arm. Ouch! I didn't realize rollers could be so dangerous. I'm only puting in about 8 hours a week right now though, if that. I never really stopped the riding though all the way through from last season so everything is just mainteance work really. I slowed down for 8 weeks of basemiles, but now the intensity is coming back again and it feels great. I actually hit a heart rate I never saw all of last year. It's amazing what fresh legs will do for you.
re: What does your Base Training consist of?Woof the dog
Jan 6, 2004 11:45 PM
riding base miles on rollers.

I had patience to ride them 20 hours the week before last... building up to a 30 hour week just to see if I can do it... yes, I am a masochist. I highly doubt that doing 30 hours a week would really translate into any measurable fitness gain. It is all low intensity, but wicked fun to torture myself. I hope it does help with endurance for longer races.

It actually shouldn't bad, just an extra hour or two in the morning.

re: What does your Base Training consist of?Thorman
Jan 7, 2004 4:25 AM
30 hours a week! And I thought I was dedicated! Right now I'm in my second base period. I'm using the Friel program for the third year, my first full year as a cat 3. My max week is around 17 hours. This is my schedule this week.

Monday-strength training and speed work
Tuesday-tempo intervals zone 2-3
Wednesday-strength training and speed work
Thursday-off, although my day off floats from week to week
Friday-force intervals
Saturday-long ride on rolling terrain zone 2-3
Sunday-long ride on flat terrain zone 2

If you're interested I have a my schedule listed on my website under the 2004 ATP link.

"ride lots" -- merckxaaroncvc
Jan 7, 2004 9:14 AM
to be more specific, i'm keeping my HR below 159, except when the coach prescribes a set of intervals or a workout that requires otherwise. right now i've been prescribed less than 15 hours a week. i have 20-25 available, and i do go a bit over on the hours... my coach is fine with that as long as i am recovering and staying in zone.

i'm looking forward to the motorpacing in late feb... also, getting back into the harder group rides will be fun. threshold workouts are not fun. base mileage is nice because it's beautiful outside in the winter, and you can appreciate "the view" more when your head isn't an inch from the bars.

and i don't know how you west coasters are racing crits in january. what's the friggin rush??
Need to if you're racing Feb. thru Oct., incl. 3 week tours (nm)hrv
Jan 7, 2004 9:55 AM
Working on trying to get the most from the leasthrv
Jan 7, 2004 10:08 AM
I am figuring out how to reduce my weekly hours and at the same time get more out of my training, including results,higher fitness, etc. For me, too much other fun stuff in life to spend it all on the bike. This year, quality over quantity.

Of course, I have 'meager' goals: just hang with the 4's in hilly races, top 10 in the Tues. night, summer long crit series, reduce TT times by 3 - 4 minutes. Pretty sure I can accomplish this stuff with 12 - 13 hour weeks, max, and would like to cut the hours to 10 - 12. Time will tell.

Training in the Great White NorthCalgaryDave
Jan 13, 2004 2:31 PM
Riding outdoors? Must be nice. We had temps of -40c just 2 weeks ago but are hoping for a high of +11c on Saturday so maybe a coffee shop spin is in order.

As far as weekly base training goes.....

- 2 spins in the basement (1.5hrs each), combo of Friel and Baker workouts
- 2 gym sessions (2 hrs each), mostly weights and stretching
- 1 weekend day spent either XC or backcountry skiing (4-8 hrs)

Hours and intensity will begin ramping up in March, big races for me are late June and early August.

Our first race isn't until April :(
Uh? should I be riding?xcmntgeek
Jan 19, 2004 8:05 PM
Just kidding, but I'm trying not to take training to seriously right now. Plus, I have a high school track season to take care of before I can really concentrate on racing. I can still race on the weekends during track- but my hopes aren't to high for results.

Tues: 4-5mile run, 2 hours of weights, pilates, and yoga

Wed: 5-6 mile run

Thursday: 6X 400m repeats (running), 2 hours of weights, pilates

Friday: 2 hour solo ride

Saturday: 3-5 hour "spirited" group ride

Sunday: single speed mtb. ride, or fixed gear ride. 2-4 hours

Monday: high intensity day (whatever my coach tells me to do, it varies)