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Need some comparison on Cat 5 TT times...(10 posts)

Need some comparison on Cat 5 TT times...MVN
Jan 1, 2004 3:15 PM
I'm going to do a time trial on January 24th and I've only recently started training seriously (diet, intervals, climbing work, etc.). I joined the local team this year and am planning on racing Cat 5. I just want to find out how my times compare to other Cat 5's. I went out and did the course this afternoon. It's a 20k course, flat, smooth road. Here are my times:
20k - 39 min. 37 sec.
Max. Speed - 22.3 mph
Avg. Speed - 18.3 mph
I did this on my Trek 5200 which has a 53/39, 12-25 cassette, standard road setup, no TT bars or anything. I really have no idea how my time compares, I just want an idea of where I stand. On my normal 20-miler I can do it in approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes, depending on traffic, but that's not going all out. My best time for 20 miles (not k's) is 1 hour 8 minutes. I usually weigh in at 195, but the holidays have bumped me to 199 (as of this morning, lol). Working on losing 10 pounds before the event. So am I at the bottom of the barrel time-wise, or somewhere above? Thanks in advance for all replies.

speeds around hereDougSloan
Jan 1, 2004 4:56 PM
Keep in mind that there could be lots of mtb cross-over ringer Cat 5's, or simply strong riders who just started racing or have clung on and just not up graded.

In the 10 mile time trials around here, which is a little shorter than your 20k, winning speeds are typically around 25-26 mph average, and if you are under 22-23 you are pretty much out on the tail of the bell curve. When I was running around 25 mph, I'd be in the top 10.

Hope this helps. Remember that terrain and weather can make a big difference.

here's some local dataDougSloan
Jan 1, 2004 9:44 PM
Oh, and the above was for Cat 5's or 4/5's combined.

Here are the results in raw time and mph of a training 10 mile timetrial last summer. This was on mostly flat, but a few hills, with about 6 turns, and some strong headwind at the end. You can see the relative speed differences for the various level racers as well as some recreational riders, Team In Training folks, who joined us. At this stage of my training, or lack thereof, I'd have a really hard time staying with a group ride with those finishing faster than I did. I think this is fairly representative data.

Bosch-----20:47--28.87 (very good Cat 1)
Brooks----22:03--27.21 (masters champion)
Dearing---23:38--25.39 (good Cat 3)
Cummings--23:55--25.09 (good Cat 4)
Easter----24:26--24.56 (Cat 4, great climber)
Sloan-----25:49--23.24 (me, out of shape and on fixed gear)
Socha-----27:09--22.10 (recreational riders below)
Good dataset, looks quite good...Spunout
Jan 2, 2004 5:39 AM
If you look at

you can see a pretty similar curve. Our 15km is 9.38 miles on a flat-ish out and back. Best time is from our Cat 1 provincial champion (and finished Nationals on Hamilton's World's course beating alot of pros). Some vets here are serious TTers and can put down some good times.

I race Cat 3 in Ontario and can run this race around 23m, looks like I'm at Cat 4 or 3 in US. I am definitely NOT a TT specialist.
Tell me more about TT'ing with a fixed gearhrv
Jan 2, 2004 7:53 AM
Interesting. In last year's Oregon state TT's (40k) a 40-45'er used a fixed gear and placed 6th overall. He's also a trackie, are you? Must have an intimate knowledge of gearing to do this, huh? He averaged about 28 mph, and does quite well in all races, so he's just strong overall. Do you show up on the morning of the TT and change gears, depending how strong the head/tailwinds are?

Sort of like the ss mtb'ers/crossers, huh? Some of those guys finish right up there with the geared folks. Curious what gearing you use for something like that? It's something I'd be interested in trying, at least for the early season TT's.

more like a whacky experimentDougSloan
Jan 2, 2004 7:59 AM
No, not a trackie or even that knowledgeable. I just do a lot of training on the fixed gear, so I thought I'd try a time trial, too. I had nothing to lose, as I was about 2 mph off form anyway.

With a headwind at the end, it was pure hell. I found my self spinning wildly at first, then mashing at 18-19 mph the last 3 miles to the finish. That compounded the normal end-of-the-timetrial-hell. A lower gear certainly would have helped at the end, but it would have hurt the speed at the beginning. However, since typically we spend much more time at the lower speeds, it probably would have helped over all.

My guess is that on this particular day the fixed gear cost me about 1/2 mph from gearing alone, and maybe another 1/2 mph from body position (no aerobars) and zero aero parts.

re: Need some comparison on Cat 5 TT times...853
Jan 2, 2004 9:28 AM
These are the results from are local TT. It is a 10 mile, windy, out and back, rolling course w/ a small hill.

As you can see the 4/5's are just as strong as the other categories. Just race your race and try and improve your own times.
Does that race have a website ?HouseMoney
Jan 2, 2004 12:02 PM
Like you, I intend to start racing Cat 5 this season. I've been looking at several of the race websites from last year to get a general idea when they'll be scheduled this year, as well as checking out the results to see how I might measure up. One of the early-season tt's is near me so I've gone through 2 test runs already this winter. Of course, weather/wind factors would influence results from year to year. Perhaps if your race has a website, there'll be a link to results from previous year(s).

From what I've seen, on a flat & smooth course (don't know about the wind you encountered), your time (actually an 18.8 avg w/ the time & distance you mentioned) would probably put you near the bottom of a Cat 5 tt. Since you didn't use aero gear, don't worry about it. Just have fun and use it as a tool to test yourself each time out instead of racing against others. Good luck!
Does that race have a website ?MVN
Jan 2, 2004 2:40 PM
There was some wind around mile 7 and 10. I'm not worried about doing better than anyone else and I have NO illusions about winning, lol. I just want to test myself and get better. I know I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be. I've been riding road for about 3 years, but not really seriously until this last six months or so. Last year I rode to lose weight and I'm almost at my goal weight, got about 14 pounds to go. I'm going to get some aerobars next week, my lbs has them on order. If you want to check out the info on the race (it's a LAMBRA race, Lousisana-Mississippi Bicycle Racing Association)go to , we're based in northeast La. Trial dot org
Jan 6, 2004 8:22 PM